Minutes of November 30, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (chair), Jeris Cassel (recorder), Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Robert Sewell, Jane Sloan, Samson Soong, Mary Beth Weber, Myoung Wilson

AUL report (J. Boyle)

The Web Advisory Committee (WAC) met in Camden on November 8 and received assistance from Gary Golden in developing assessment methods for the RUL Web. The group will be working with the Assessment Committee on this project.

A teleconference on UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act) is scheduled for December 13, 1:00-4:00 p.m. in the Teleconference Lecture Hall, as well as at William Paterson and Gloucester County College. The legislation has already been adopted in Maryland and Virginia and is being introduced in New Jersey.

MCDONNELL is a new item type (sublocation) in IRIS. This is a non-circulating collection of medieval history and literature donated by Professor Ernest McDonnell. A question of access was posed. Myoung Wilson was asked to check on this. (Later in the afternoon, an e-mail message was forwarded to PSC that access will be through the person on duty in the Graduate Reserve Reading Room.)

The next PSC meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18 in New Brunswick. The April meeting will be held in Camden and the May meeting in Newark.

A task force composed of Ann Montanaro, Judy Gardner, Stephanie Bartz, and Myoung Wilson will review OCLC for reference.

A task force is being formed to pursue the feasibility of Webfeat for RUL.

Vendor trainers for EEBO and ScienceDirect have been contacted. The question remains on how to fold vendor training and the idea of train the trainers into overall systemwide training.

PSPM #5: Library Service During Adverse Weather Conditions was approved by Cabinet. PSPM #8: Mail Delivery and Pick Up was sent back for another review by Jeanne Boyle and Judy Gardner.

The second VALE users' conference is scheduled for January 4 in the SCC. Keynote speaker is Tom Sanville, Executive Director of OhioLink. Breakout sessions and poster sessions are scheduled also. Due to the generosity of several vendors, there is no fee for the conference.

Susan Beck asked about the status of linking ScienceDirect sources in IRIS. Natalie Borisovets asked about the status of Criminal Justice Abstracts database that was to be available online when the Criminal Justice Library moved to the law library and about the status of Entomology. Jeanne will follow up on these questions. She reported that a general meeting to review how we make our electronic resources available is scheduled with Systems, Cataloging, WAC and others. Communication about database matters is included.

Real-Time Reference

Myoung Wilson explained that real-time reference has been an evolving idea within New Brunswick Libraries for awhile. It was listed as one of the priorities of the New Brunswick Libraries that the New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group (NBISSG) was charged to pursue. As chair of the steering group, Myoung charged a small group of Emily Fabiano, Scott Hines, Ron Jantz, Marty Kesselman, and Ryan Womack to explore the possibilities. The group demonstrated three examples of software being used for real-time reference at the last New Brunswick Libraries faculty meeting. A final report with proposed recommendations is forthcoming. PSC decided to wait for the these recommendations before taking any action.

In the context of the discussion on e-mail and real-time reference and current inquiries from users, Natalie Borisovets asked the purpose of removing the PIN from the patron record. Judy Gardner reported that its presence is believed to put the system at risk and that many SIRSI customers are unhappy with the change. PSC recommended that this item be included at the top of preferences for change.

Cell Telephone Policy Wording Review<

The draft cell telephone policy statement was reviewed and revised. Jeanne will have signs made for distribution and posting in libraries.

NB Proposal for a Pilot Beverage Project

Based on a successful pilot project at the Kilmer Library with allowing covered beverages, Myoung Wilson reported that the NBISSG is proposing the pilot project throughout New Brunswick Libraries for the Spring semester. Jeris Cassel discussed the continuing Kilmer pilot project which began in the Spring 1999 semester. The revised policy allows for bringing in covered beverages, but no food. Reference/Information Services and Access Services people at Kilmer work together in strictly enforcing the no-food policy. Large foam-backed, graphical posters alert everyone entering the library of the policy. Access Services, Reference/Information Services, and Custodial staff note a significant reduction in the amount of food coming into the building based on how few times the policy has had to be enforced and lack of evidence (i.e., food remains, wrappers, etc.) of food having been present. Library building architecture, location of service points, collections, and cooperation of everyone in the building in enforcing the policy are factors in considering a revision of the no drink/no food policy. Further discussion will take place within New Brunswick buildings and within PSC.

IRIS Message Alert for Non-Circulating Items

Jeanne presented Gary Golden's proposal of developing an algorithm for a pop-up box for non- circulating items in IRIS, such as Media and Special Collection materials. Doing this is complicated by some non-circulating materials have limited circulation and for the amount of programming required. Judy Gardner and Ann Montanaro noted that it is not a high priority within Access Services/ILL Services or Systems. Judy will fold this proposal into the planning for self- initiated holds scheduled for the spring. It was suggested that a note be added to the current request form.

PSPM 6: Cooperative Access Arrangements

The policy memo was reviewed and revisions made. Appendix 3 with circulation contact information for New Jersey two-year and four-year colleges will be updated soon.

E-Reserves Proposal

Judy Gardner and Mark Cardullo have developed a solid e-reserves purchasing proposal. Judy described the purchasing and implementation phases within the proposal. Phase I, scheduled for Spring, provides for purchasing scanners and PCs with Windows 2000 for Douglass, Dana, Kilmer, and Robeson . These locations will receive RRS and send Ills. This will save server space. Phase II, scheduled for Summer, provides for purchasing and installing Widows 2000 servers for Systems. Phase III, scheduled for Fall, provides for Windows 2000 Web server for sending documents directly to user's desktop, and Windows 2000 workstations for staff.

Jeanne noted that this proposal and a future proposal for network printing build on the Public Services plans of the past two years.

Other Business

The Reference Review discussion topic was tabled for the December 18 meeting due to shortage of time.

Myoung Wilson raised an issue from the NBISSG regarding the poor condition of microfilm machines. Since this impacts on public service and access to collections, Myoung requested that the repective AULs address the issue. It was suggested that a group be formed to look into the matter systemwide.

Natalie Borisovets reported that there will be no public or staff access to the second floor circulating collection with call number ranges A through KF3540.D between December 26 and January 15. Contractors will be removing the concrete slab over the second floor ceiling of the North Wing. Dana staff will not be able to process RRS, ILL or reserve requests for items in these ranges until the project is completed. Since the staff will not have access to reshelve in the area during this heavy book return time, so there may be delays in locating materials extending beyond January 15.

Ann Montanaro reported the Systems expects to begin loading the 96,000 EEBO records in IRIS. These should be available in January.

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