Minutes of April 26, 2001 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Judy Gardner, Julie Still, Gary Golden, Rebecca Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Samson Soong
Jeris Cassel, Tom Frusciano, Marjorie Li, Bob Sewell, Jane Sloan, Marybeth Weber, Myoung Wilson

Gary Golden updated the group about the Robeson Library and the Camden campus. Although Robeson renovations are on hold, the library will be getting new windows and, hopefully, a link to RUNet 2000 next year. The campus is growing rapidly both in numbers of buildings and people. The Leap High School will be built on campus and will be using the computer lab in the Library until their building is ready. Pre-elementary through high school, the urban campuses of Camden County College and Rowan University, and Rutgers will all be within three blocks of each other. There has been a big faculty turn over due to retirements, and the newer faculty are more receptive to technology. It is possible now with electronic resources for the library to offer much more to the Camden campus. Samson Soong attended a meeting about using RUNe2000 for security measures, and there may be additional funding available for Robeson from that source.

Jeanne Boyle reported on the following: distributed draft chart of PROP proposals (will be a future agenda item), attended meeting of library team for the NJ Coastal Communiversity, Ask a Librarian transition concentrating on access team, distributed updated recommendation log, Marie Saraceni now providing support for Jeanne and Judy Gardner, conference on undergraduate teaching announced for fall, and receipt of a first-place award from NJLA for our international student brochure. Upcoming agenda items include: instructional services committee report, eCollege demonstration, workstation- bound electronic resources in IRIS, getting ready for fall, real time reference report. She reminded everyone that the next meeting would be in Newark.

Ann Montanaro reported that IRIS would be in search-only mode May 23-24 and the last two weeks in August. An offer has been made to a candidate for the network administrator position. She shared database use and denial statistics. Programming has been completed that will eliminate problems arising from anonymous e-mail sent from public workstations. She shared copies of a sample response with suggested wording, and the wording was approved. It was recommended that advance notice be given to all web page maintainers since mailto's will have to be converted to forms. The webmaster is working on form templates. There was discussion about removing Proquest URLs, and it was clarified that Proquest will be retained until Ebsco is fully implemented.

Rebecca Gardner demonstrated a new concept for the Libraries website. The concept was approved. It was suggested that the popup boxes appear in a different location so they do not obscure other menu choices. Rebecca requested additional input about the headings on the home page.

A review of the goals set for this year was begun. The highest ranked goal was to review reference. After a long discussion, it was recommended that any reference assessment must be placed within a broader context and should begin with a forum and larger discussion about definitions for quality and competencies. The goals review will continue at the next meeting.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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