Minutes of July 26, 2001 Meeting

J. Boyle, N. Borisovets, S. Soong, A. Montanaro, R. Gardner (recorder), M. Wilson, K.-N. Au(guest), T. Frusciano, J. Maxymuk, R. Sewell, L. Murtha.

Jeanne Boyle began the meeting by welcoming new members to the Council.


  1. PSC meetings to be held in Camden and Newark were determined.
    • Camden meeting--October 25th.
    • Newark meeting--November 29th. This meeting will begin at 9:30am and go through the lunch hour.
  2. Rebecca Gardner will represent PSC at Coordinating Committee.
  3. Will keep Wilson Business, General Science, and Social Sciences Abstracts.

1. eCollege Update and Demo:

Au demonstrated the eCollege webpages that he has been working on. These pages will be used for Rutgers distance education programs. Twelve people have contributed to the pages.

2. AUL Report:

Public Service brochures are being updated and will be distributed to each library. The new "Explore, Discover, Learn" brochure was distributed at this meeting.

An advisory board for CAPS (College for Applied and Professional Studies) has been established. Marianne Gaunt will be on the board.

The University of Phoenix will be approaching New Jersey again. There is a good chance that they will be licensed this year.

Mary Page is currently looking at serials management systems. It may be difficult to choose since there are so many different ones offering various options that would help public services, such as SFX and TDNET.

ingenta is looking good and many new titles have been added to the database. Although there have been many technical difficulties, the main one being that it works in Internet Explorer but not Netscape, it is expected to be available for the fall semester.

Jeanne Boyle met with IPAC regarding the roll out for authorities files. It is coming along well. The test catalog is accessible at: www.libraries.rutgers.edu/uhtbin/webcat. There are demonstrations planned for RUL faculty and staff in early August.

The "Museums and Galleries" marketing collection has produced attractive note cards, wrapping paper, etc. from items in RUL Special Collections. They may use items from the Institute of Jazz Studies in the future. These items are expected to be for sale through the libraries.

The ebooks task force report is in, and is being implemented.

Responsibility for delivery of media equipment is going to the Teaching Excellence Centers. There will be an online booking module through the library webpages. Faculty will be coming to the libraries to pick up videos at their chosen "pick up" library.

Copy Services is purchasing new equipment. Since they are now involved with scanning, etc. they may be changing their name to something more representative, such as "Imaging Services".

Our Proquest subscription has been extended to October, so there will be some overlap with Ebsco.

3. Supporting Library Instruction for the Twenty-first Century:

Leslie Murtha distributed this document (also available on RUL webpage). The report outlines needs for classroom facilities, research and development facilities, infrastructure to support online instruction, etc. Jeanne Boyle will bring the document to Cabinet's attention. The report is ready to be acted on and updated should opportunities arise.

4. Wilson Business, General Science, and Social Science Abstracts:

Although these indexes are no longer updated, it was decided to keep them based on high use statistics distributed by Ann Montanaro. Subscribing to Wilson Omni File at some point in the future may be an alternative possibility.

5. Goal Setting:

  1. Will need to address how we fit into CAPS.
  2. Review our services and determine what we may need to discontinue. (ex. manual reserves.)
  3. Bring up the new RUL website design.
  4. Allocate money for graphics since so much of what we do is web based now.
  5. Review new kinds of skills that we need to support the services we provide. (Planning Committee is also working on this.)
  6. Revisit process for presentation and publication of new resources.
  7. Market RUL to the University Community.
  8. Review Systems' recommendations for Netscape vs. Internet Explorer.

**suggested that goals discussion continue via email list**

6. Round Robin Updates:

Ann Montanaro: IRIS authorities work begins on August 16th. Will be using read-only system during that time.

Recent downtime problems not understood by SIRSI--therefore they could happen again.

New person starting in Systems on July 31st.

Myoung Wilson: Gave an update on D21; it will be a digital library with a limited print collection. Major Recon project at Douglass will eventually eliminate the card catalog.

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