Minutes of November 29, 2001 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Natalie Borisovetts, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Marty Kesselman, John Maxymuk, Ann Montanaro, Leslie Murtha, Mary page, Roberta Tipton, Myoung Wilson.


Traffic problems in Newark delayed the start of the meeting to 10:30 when MetaLib and SFX were demonstrated via a webcast. MetaLib provides a single interface to search multiple electronic resources. SFX can either be part purchased as part of MetaLib or separately and allows a user to to click on a citation in a database and view a list of services available for that citation. Customizable options for those services include: link to the full text of an article or book; link to the abstract of an article or book.; check holdings in Library Catalog; search the author's name in Web of Science.

Lunchtime Discussion

At lunch, Roberta Tipton and Leslie Murtha reported on their experiences at the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Immersion Program. This led to a broader discussion on the need for a strategic plan to approach the university for increased institutional support for the library’s instruction program. It was agreed that this would be a good topic for the Spring Forum.

AUL Update

The upcoming January 3, 2002 Public Services Meeting was cancelled; the meeting scheduled for January 31st was rescheduled for January 24th. Judy Gardner passed around a new fee schedule for what Rutgers charges other libraries for Interlibrary Loan services.

Service Review

The Planning Committee has reportedly been working on an inventory of tasks. If they will share their findings, our service review will be simpler.

Recommendation Log Review

This topic was tabled for this month.

Round Robin

Ann said that the order for the LUNA software has been placed. The first projects will involve art history slides and maps.

40 ACIC machines are being installed in New Brunswick now. ELF machines should start to arrive in January. Two ELF machines in each library will have their headphone jacks made accessible from the front of the machine.

Ann will draft and distribute a memo to clarify the following topics: 1. Web caching continues to be a problem. Caching prevents attacks from outside, but slows things down greatly in accessing library databases. RUCS is awaiting new equipment which may help some with this. 2. IPX will be turned off in January, and this will slow machines not connected to RUNet 2000. 3. RESNet -- private IP space used by machines from the dorms -- also causes problems when connecting to library databases.

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