Minutes of Thursday, January 24, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew; Jeanne Boyle; Tom Frusciano; Judy Gardner; Rebecca Gardner; Marty Kesselman; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Leslie Murtha; Robert Sewell.
Natalie Borisovets, Myoung Wilson.

1. AUL Report. Jeanne Boyle.

Jeanne announced Ingenta training is scheduled for March 6 in Camden and March 8 (p.m.) in New Brunswick. RLG will be coming in March or April and will focus training on Eureka. Census Bureau training is being scheduled for April or May. Technical Services has a task force looking at commercial serials management packages that would integrate print and ejournal holdings. Mary Page is scheduling demos with two vendors. A budget cut of 5% has been instituted. The PROP proposal to review Ask A Librarian will continue if funding is available. The newly-designed web page is up. CDC discussed the need to produce new web research guides and to review guides no longer supported. Tom Glynn will coordinate the development of research guides with WAC and CDC. Dave Hoover is investigating turning on Ovid Search Alerts. He is also reviewing the implications of registering Libraries.Rutgers.edu as a domain name.

2. Welcome

Jeanne welcomed Grace Agnew to her first PSC meeting. Grace described her role as helping Rutgers build a framework for integrating all digital projects and for being an active partner within the libraries and the University.

3. VALE Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing. Judy Gardner.

Judy distributed a copy of a web page being developed by the VALE Resource Sharing Committee to describe on-site borrowing for faculty from VALE member institutions. This will replace the NJ Academic Network policy. Faculty eligibility for annual on-site reciprocal borrowing will be determined locally by each institution where sign-off will be required. At Rutgers the borrowing form will be authorized by Judy Gardner for New Brunswick, John Maxymuk for Camden, and Anne Watkins for Newark. The VALE committee is also investigating extending the service to students as well as direct borrowing.

4. Use Policy for RU-TV Viewing Rooms.

When licensing permits, videos used in a class will also be available on Media-Net for post-class viewing. A viewing room is available in LSM and other locations will be designated. Marty was asked to draft a policy on viewing room use.

5. Merging IRIS records for electronic resources. Rhonda Marker.

Rhonda presented a proposal to catalog ejournals and print on the same record. PSC agreed it would preferable to having separate records for ejournals and print. It was also agreed that the ejournal title would be preceded by the vendor/packager name to facilitate use on the libraries ejournal web page. When an ejournal comes from the publisher the field will read "direct." A task force was established to review the implications of cataloging multiple formats on a single record. The committee members are Natalie Borisovets, Judy Gardner, Tom Frusciano, Bob Warwick and Rhonda Marker, chair. They will present the issues at the next meeting.

6. E-reserve user survey. Judy Gardner

Judy presented the results of the e-reserve survey conducted in the fall. They are available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/reports.shtml. Judy also reviewed the results of the ILL Current Imprint Project and the UnCover User-Initialed Document Delivery.

7. Service Review.

Jeanne began a discussion of services with the goal of determining what services nee to be reviewed, what services may be added, and what services may need to be discontinued. Replication of similar instructional sections, moving towards elimination of paper reserves, and multiple people working at service desks were issues raised for review. Possible new services mentioned were user-initiated holds, Ariel to the recipient's desktop, and NJ virtual catalog and direct borrowing.

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