Minutes of March 28, 2002 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Jeanne Boyle, Natalie Borisovets, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Marty Kessleman, John Maxymuk, Ann Montanaro, Leslie Murtha, Mary Page (guest), Bob Sewell (recorder), Addie Tallau (guest), Myoung Wilson.
Rebecca Gardner

1. AUL Report – Jeanne Boyle:

2. E-journal Management Services – Mary Page

Mary Page presented a report by the Electronic Resources Integration Committee concerning products to manage e-journals. Demo from three vendors (TDNet, Serials Solutions, and Journal Web Cite) have been completed. Journal Web Cite www.journalwebcite.com is moderately priced and appears to be the best solution for RUL. Pending budget consideration, this product will be purchased.

3. Planning Committee Report on Realignment of Faculty for the DLI.

Addie Tallau shared with PSC a draft of the Planning Committee’s report “A New Framework for RUL Based on the DLI.” The report re-conceptualizes the Libraries Organization based on four broad functions: Information Services, Materials Services, Availability Services, and Structural Services. It categorizes current activities that can be classified in these categories and suggest what new activities that are need and what should be accomplished within a 3-5 year time frame. PSC will consider these list of tasks further at the next meeting.

4. SCORM – e-learning metadating standards – Grace Agnew

Grace Agnew reported SCORM on (Shared Content Object Reference Model), “a set of... technical... specifications” developed for “reuse of Web-based learning content across multiple environments and products.” That is, harvesting metadata for the extraction of informational elements in e-learning package and plopping them into another e-learning package. It is being developed with support from the Dept. of Defense which trains 2.2 million people every year and whose training programs are not integrated from service to service. SCORM has great potential for web-based education.

5. Library & Faculty Web-based Teaching

A wide-ranging discussion on how should librarians become collaborators with faculty in Web-based teaching. Reference was made to two articles one from CLIR Issues # 26 on the Libraries’ Role in Web-Based Teaching and “Can Libraried Find a New Home in Courseware in SyllabusWeb. Ideas suggested were:

6. Annoucements:

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