Minutes of June 27, 2002 Meeting

G. Agnew, J. Boyle, N. Borisovetz, T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, M. Kesselman, A. Montanaro, R. Sewell, M. Wilson

Recorded by Grace Agnew

AUL's Update (Boyle). Jeanne noted that PSC has been asked by Marianne Gaunt and Myoung Chung Wilson (Coordinating Council) to develop questions that can provide guidance for evaluating candidates for promotion and tenure. The Coordinating Council will use questions from each council to develop criteria for evaluating professional performance. Jeanne will add this item to the next PSC agenda, to insure that the information is provided to the Coordinating Council by the September deadline.

Jeanne also read a petition to open a university branch in New Jersey by the University of Phoenix. The letter notes that the New Jersey City University Library will serve as the library for the University of Phoenix. The question was raised about whether VALE databases will be made available to the University of Phoenix. VALE databases are publicly available without a password for walk-ins at any participating library, including New Jersey City University.

PSC discussed the placing of university-wide policies for Rutgers staff on electronic reserves, specifically the Harassment Complaint Process document. Several people felt that this was not an intuitive place to look for university policies. It was suggested that the document be cataloged and thus available for discovery via an Iris search. It was also suggested that Tom Frusciano and Rhonda Marker look at university policy and procedure documents and develop a procedure for identifying and cataloging these documents in IRIS. Tom will contact Rhonda to begin this process.

Jeanne also noted that three brochures have been updated for fall production: borrowing, explore/discover/learn and remote access.

Jeanne discussed the new law governing public access to government records. She noted that any other statute governing these records overrides the public access provided under the new law. This appears to mean that New Jersey confidentiality law takes precedence over the federal public access law. Jeanne cautioned that the confidentiality law applies to user records not to staff records. Jeanne has asked for a review by Rutgers Counsel and is also working with Marilyn Wilt and Carol Golden to develop training sessions on the public access law on each campus. Kay Vandergrif of SCILS has done a cheat sheet on the public access law. Jeanne has obtained a copy that she will distribute. Myoung cautioned that when procedures are developed, it is important to share them with part-time employees who are not subscribed to RUL_everyone.

Jeanne also discussed privacy rights of patrons under New Jersey law. She and Francoise Puniello will test privacy screens to provide users with privacy to use resources without observation. Natalie noted that many reference librarians will walk among computer users to see who appears to need assistance. Jeanne noted that the privacy screens would be a small, focused test to determine if there are any negative impacts for service.

The PSC discussed the implications of inappropriate use of computers in the library--for visiting illegal sites, such as child pornography, for sending threatening emails, etc. Jeanne noted that RUL is a "limited public forum" and as such we can have rules about behavior, as long as we are content neutral. These rules of behavior are tied to our mission statement and thus it is important not to have multiple mission statements, such as mission statements for departments within RUL.

Tom noted that there are implications for service to users requesting information from university documents that reside in the RUL archives. He is working with Leslie to develop a process for determining when to forward questions to Leslie versus responding to standard reference queries. He noted that any requests that reference the public access law will be forwarded to Leslie and also that when in doubt about a question, they will err on the side of prudence and refer to Leslie.

Someone noted that police might appear on a weekend when administration is not on premises. An individual who refuses to respond to a duly authorized request can be held accountable. Jeanne noted that Leslie should be called first but the director of libraries should also be contacted. She also noted that the cabinet would be discussing the issue and providing further guidance.

Ann asked how Systems should respond to requests for information from patron records, for example requests to identify the last borrower when it is discovered that an item is damaged. Jeanne responded that we are able to maintain and use patron information necessary for the proper operation of the library--for example, overdue borrower records--but that care must be exercised to maintain patron confidentiality as much as possible within the context of library operation. For example, you might call a patron to say the book they had placed on hold had arrived but you would not identify the book title on the patron's answering machine.

Goals for Next Year:

Jeanne led a review of Public Services Council goals for 2001/02 as background for the goals setting session that will occur at the July meeting. Preliminary suggestions for 2002/03 goals included:

Faculty ToolKit

Marty and Jeanne distributed the latest draft of the faculty toolkit for using library resources for web-based courses. Comments included:

2001-2 in review:

Jeanne distributed a recommendation matrix for PSC and asked everyone what they thought was most significant among the accomplishments of PSC over the previous year. The "round robin" responses included:

Luna Demonstration (Ann Montanaro)

Ann demonstrated the Luna Insight image presentation software currently available in test with three collections--the publicly available David Rumsey map collection; a small collection of maps from the New Jersey Environmental Database; and several thousand art images from the Art History slide collection. She noted that there are still significant problems with the metadata indexing and mapping between metadata schemas. She also noted that the client "takes over" the desktop and must be closed before the patron has other programs and functionalities available. The client also requires a fair amount of RAM. It will not freeze computers with less RAM, but access will be very slow. Grace noted that the graphical controls are not intuitive. Ann stated that a SCILS intern doing an independent study would be working with the Luna implementation in the fall. Ann will probably involve the intern in user guide development.

Ann noted that a partnership agreement is currently in development, for use with Rutgers departments and outside agencies.

Bob asked about plans for commercial image collections via Luna. Ann noted that David Rumsey has licensed AMICO for display via Luna. RUL will investigate licensing AMICO via Luna instead of directly for the increased functionality.

Joe Consoli is also investigating licensing of the Saskia database. She believes that ArtStor is probably three years away, based on comments from RLG.

Luna allows the library to restrict image access by course and to restrict download of images by size and resolution.

Public Services Vision Statement

Jeanne distributed a draft public services vision statement. A discussion of the document revealed general dissatisfaction, including the feeling that the document describes the status quo rather than a vision for the future. Myoung added that public services are changing so fast that she questioned the usefulness of a vision statement. Jeanne noted that the document arose in response to a perceived need at one of the RUL libraries to assert the value of the traditional reference desk. It was agreed generally that the document doesn't serve an identifiable purpose and should be tabled.

Other Business

Bob recommended the Library of Congress "Portals to the World"--web-based research guides to other countries, with a goal to providing a guide for each country in the world. He stated they are excellent and should be promoted at RUL as web-based reference resources.

Myoung discussed the excellent open house provided by New Brunswick Access Services. She and Bob stated that the PowerPoint presentation by the access services managers was excellent and very professionally done. Myoung noted that the training program, including web-based tutorials for students, was very well done and that she hopes to adapt their materials and strategies for training students in public services.

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