Minutes of October 31, 2002 Meeting

S. Beck, A. Montanaro, J. Gardner (recorder), N. Borisovets, L. Murtha, M. Chung Wilson, J. Boyle, M. Kesselman, R. Sewell

1. AUL Update.

2. Vagelos Report.

Aside from the impact on resource sharing which Jeanne is writing, PSC commented on other public services implications of dividing into 3 universities-- loss of shared expertise (reference, subject, systems), loss of coordination and need to develop duplicate administrative structures for the same functions, and public services impact on programs that are based on one campus and taught on others. Natalie updated us on Senate discussions.

3. Evaluation Questions.

Questions to assist the evaluation of faculty public services were approved, as revised based on PSC email discussions and dated 10/30/02. Jeanne will forward them to the Coordinating Committee.

4. Actions for AY 2003 Goals.

After review and discussion of the top ranked PSC goals for AY 2003, the following actions were planned:

5. Faculty teaching page.

Suggestions were made to eliminate the statement of support for tutorial, develop a more teaching/faculty-oriented perspective, and include a sample course page. Myoung and Judy were asked to work on a revised draft.

6. Announcements.

Next Meeting: MONDAY, 11/25/02, Robeson Library, Camden

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