Minutes of January 23, 2003 Meeting

Susan Beck (via videoconference); Natalie Borisovets; Jeanne Boyle, chair; Tom Frusciano; Judy Gardner; Rebecca Gardner; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Leslie Murtha; Bob Sewell; Myoung Wilson.
Grace Agnew

1. AUL Update

Jeanne reported that she is working on a charge for the ALearning Framework Study Group@ that will focus on how people learn. Rebecca Gardner, Roberta Tipton, and Tiveni Kuchi are on the committee.

The Software Evaluation Working Group, looking at OpenURL solutions, has met and will visit with vendors at ALA. Davida Scharf, a consultant on OpenURL software, will visit on February 11 and present an open forum describing what the software can do. Marty Kesselman chairs the committee and Myoung Wilson and Ann Montanaro are committee members.

At the LIS meeting there was a discussion of the MARC Holdings project. An updated message will explain the status of the project of adding MARC Holdings for all current serial subscriptions. The Serial Management Group is being reformed into a Serials Holdings Group.

The Web Cache was reimplemented at the start of the semester and there are problems with some databases because the vendors do not have all of the necessary IP ranges. Vendors are being contacted.

RLG has sold the Ariel software to a vendor.

President McCormick attended the Dean=s Council and reported that he intended to move forward implementing the merger. The Cabinet is addressing topics needed for data gathering. RUL and UMD in New Brunswick have met to discuss services in New Brunswick and a list is being prepared identifying all electronic resources held by the institutions.

2. Real Time Reference

Natalie reported that Real Time Reference service has been funded and that it will start on February 2. It will be staffed from 7-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and a total of 14 people are participating.

During this agenda item there was a discussion about meeting conduct and Council member roles and responsibilities.

3. Wireless Proposal

Mei Ling Lo presented a proposal for a wireless network in the Math Library. The documentation is available at: http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~mlo/wireless/wireless_links.htm. It was noted that D21 plans also include wireless. Since RUCS is installing wireless in the New Brunswick student centers, it was recommended that they be encouraged to support the libraries as well. The Council supported experimentation at both the Math Library and for D21, with the understanding that on that base a systemwide service could be planned. It was recommended that the AULs work on resolving the funding responsibility dilemma.

4. Digital Architecture and Infrastructure Working Group (DAWG) Update

Ron Jantz discussed the goals, timeline, and progress made DAWG. The committee is examining the architectural requirements for a digital repository.

5. PALCI Implementation

The PALCI borrower direct test will begin on February 14. Training will be held on January 30 and access to PALCI will be from the libraries top web page, the navigation bar, and from within IRIS.

6. Updates

Broadcast Search in IRIS. The Unicorn software now includes a Z39.50 broadcast search feature from within IRIS. Three sites can be searched and IPAC is reviewing which libraries to includes. Both CRL and Camden Law are being considered. Newark Law does not yet support Z39.50 capability.

Teaching in the Libraries is scheduled for April. It is designed for librarians who teach in the libraries.

WAC invited Mary Page to give a presentation on the Serials Solutions implementation. Rhonda Marker also met with the committee to review how to represent resources in the catalog that have moved from print to electronic equivalents.

Work is underway to provide access to the Hungarian Foundation collection. Items from the collection will be available through IRIS and will go out on ILL.

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