Minutes of February 27, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Ka-Neng Au (guest), Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (auxiliary recorder), Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Marty Kesselman, Ann Montanero, Leslie Murtha (recorder), Bob Sewell, Myoung Chung Wilson

Documents Distributed: Potential Budget Changes for FY 2004, Missing Books: Guidelines for Reporting Books Missing (revised draft), Publications 2002-2003, Recommendation Log, AY 2003

AUL Update

Hein Online

We are currently linking to the Newark Law Library page. We have received several questions about access. Since we do not control access to this subscription, it is not considered advisable that we bypass the Law Libraries public access points; however, a short explanatory page may be in order.


Implications of the state budget cuts for the libraries were reviewed. Cabinet is modeling budgets for fiscal year 2003- 2004 based on progressive scenarios with cuts from 1-5%. The collections budget will be hit hardest, for two reasons:

Letter-Writing Campaign

President McCormick requests that all members of the university community play an active role in informing the state government and the electorate of the impact the proposed state budget cuts would have on higher education and on Rutgers as a institution. The library cabinet will distribute a template for letter writing, but it is urged that letters to the legislators or the newspapers be personalized for greater impact.

It was suggested that the libraries might engage in an education campaign, perhaps by adding a page to the Web site providing information on how the libraries would be affected by the proposed cuts.

Review and Implementation Committee

The committee appointed by Governor McGreevey will continue to discuss the ways and means of implementing a merger of the state's three research universities, but it is anticipated that the introduction of any legislation will be significantly delayed, due to fiscal constraints.

RUTV Advisory Council

JEB had been appointed to the RUTV Advisory Council, which oversees the operation of the Rutgers television station. A library subcommittee has been formed. One of the advisory committee's goals is to make RUTV a tool for building community. Unfortunately, at the present time, it is not possible to extend the cable service to the Newark campus.

MCW reminded the group that the schedule for the library broadcasts is available on one of the two library channels. It will also be made available on the Web as soon as possible.

Missing Books

JG distribute the revised guidelines for reporting missing books. This policy was last revised several years ago, and changes in patterns of communication and enhancements to our services have made it necessary to update the policy.

Access Services has set a goal of changing the IRIS record to reflect the status of a missing book within 24 hours of the time when the book is reported missing. The new guidelines reflect the need for an efficient way of handling missing items reported through Ask-a-Librarian or discovered in the course of filling RDS or ILL requests.

Public services staff and librarians are responsible for making every effort to ensure that a patron who is looking for an item from the collection can retrieve it in a timely fashion. Efforts should be made to determine if the patron understood the IRIS record and looked in the proper places. Sorting shelves should be checked. To the greatest extent possible, librarians working with a patron who reports a missing item should stay with the patron throughout the process of verifying the item's status, arranging with circulation staff to change the status to missing, and discussing with the patron the various alternatives for obtaining the item.


Action item

Librarians are asked to review the policy with their reference teams to make sure that everyone is aware of the changes, particularly those that affect reference transactions.


JEB distributed a list of publications currently being printed by RUL. The object of the discussion was to determine whether the list meets our current needs and is being distributed in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Brochures serve several purposes in the libraries:


The following suggestions were made:

Action items

Council members are asked to get feedback from the librarians and staff in their units about the most important and most used brochures. The information will be used to guide decisions about future publishing.

PALCI Update

EZ-Borrow has been available for two weeks. A few systems problems have emerged, and are being addressed. If the project is to be sustained beyond the pilot, help screens will need to be developed, but this is not a priority at present.

In the first eight working days of the pilot, RUL loaned 58 items, with a fill rate of 54%, and borrowed 249, with a fill rate of 74%.


Note: Librarians who need to generate reports from SIRSI are urged to write to Ann Montanero.

Action Items

Council members are asked to review PALCI policies with the librarians in their units, and encourage the use of EZ- Borrow for materials that are checked out or not available in the RUL collections. Materials may be renewed for one additional 28-day loan period, using IRIS self-services.

RUL Web Pages

As current chair of WAC, Au joined the council for a discussion of the RUL Web pages. Au reported on the recent reorganization of WAC into two subgroups concentrating on design issues and content issues. The task of WAC is to manage online collection resources and information resources developed by the RUL community. Recent projects include:

Ongoing projects include:

New projects include:


Action Items

Au will take back to WAC five top items to review:

  1. placement of the e-journals link on the front page
  2. placement of "Other Library Catalogs" closer to IRIS
  3. a page for services for faculty
  4. overall text density
  5. font size and type face

Round Robin

GA reported that the university-wide library advisory committee had met and she and Lynn Mullins did presentations. Lynn's presentation dealt with an impressive class being taught by Au at the School of Business and was very well received.

Next meeting: Thursday, April 24. Recorders for upcoming meetings: Bob Sewell, Myoung Chung Wilson.

Respectfully submitted: Leslie Murtha, 3/10/03. Thanks to JEB for notes on the end of the meeting.

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