Minutes of April 24, 2003 Meeting

Boyle (chair), Kesselman, Borisovets, Agnew, Sloan (guest), Wilson (recorder), R. Gardner, Montanaro, Beck, J. Gardner, Murtha, Sewell

1. AUL update:

2. Jane Sloan demonstrated "How to Find a Video" program to the members of the Council.

She developed the program by taking a special course, and using primarily Adobe Premier and Camtasia technology. This is a program to instruct users how to locate video titles via IRIS. Following are the steps to find this instruction.

Go to IRIS Reserve desk
Instructor - sloan, jane
#4 -How to find a Video

Discussion followed regarding special features (e.g. page turner, etc) and other merits of this program. Jane will revise the program incorporating the comments received; she invited colleagues who would further collaborate with her for similar developments.. The final version will be put on the library homepage.

3. User-Centered Library

J. Boyle distributed copies of Lisabeth A. Wilson's article "Building the User-Centered Library" (RQ 34, no.3, Spring 1995, p. 297-302). She suggested whether RUL should investigate this concept. In conjunction with this discussion, S. Beck distributed a hand out entitled Culture of Assessment Do You Have a "Culture of Assessment. M. Kesselman referred to New Brunswick Libraries conference entitled "Putting the User at the Center" that was held in January 19, 2001. Several other exemplary efforts of RUL to build "user-centered" library were also discussed. One such recent example involved Access Services that revised its service policy based on the direct input from users (via AAL). RUL needs its own definition of "User-Centered" library concept first and a total institutional commitment. The council needs to prepare a proposal for the Cabinet addressing these issues.

4. A Proposal for Web Document Delivery

This proposal is to combine two existing services (Rutgers Request Service and Imaging Services' Locate and Copy Service) into one service as Web Document Delivery service. See draft proposal "A Proposal for Web Document Delivery: Rutgers Rrequest Service and Imaging Services' Locate and Copy Service." It was felt that the convenience and advantage of web documents delivery will in the end counterbalance the initial complications of setting up accounts. Various accounting mechanisms (e.g. KnightExpress or Jamex software that works with SIRSI) and other credit card options were discussed. Accounting mechanism will be handled by the Imaging Services.

5. Services for Special Groups

The Technology Centre on Route 1 sponsored by the state Economic Development Administration includes start-up companies and the Rutgers incubator. For some of these companies, Rutgers houses experimental animals and/or maintains other relationships. Jeanne visited The Centre as part of a Rutgers delegation about four years ago and proposed an arrangement for $550 per head charge for primary borrowers. Access to online resources requires separate negotiations. No company took advantage of the offer. The Memorandum of Understanding with the University was then signed for a five year period that is now coming up to its termination. While library services are available for fee for these companies they want access to licensed resources. Jeanne was invited back to another meeting and has asked her "big heads" colleagues via email for information on similar services they might offer.

The Council then reviewed various academic library portals designed for special users groups such as the ones discussed earlier. The libraries at Johns Hopkins University built a portal for Entrepreneurial Services and Duke has its portal for Alumni Library. The Council agreed that RUL should consider developing portals for special groups such as Rutgers alumni group. G. Agnew noted that Georgia Tech experience's with Northern Lights was not always smooth. As a start, Grace will head up a group with Natalie, Judy, and Rebecca to develop a portal for alumni using freely available resources and services.


J. Gardner-Penn maybe joining PALCI program; URSA software will get a new upgrade and may enable article requests. The Council recommended that PALCI logo be kept on the front page of the RUL site.

May 14th-EBSCO will demonstrate LinkSource at an open forum and will meet subgroup of the Council that investigates Openurl products.

R.Sewell (with University Librarian) met with the Library Advisory Committee this morning and discussed budget and collection issues. Library is encouraged to claim higher indirect cost of grants received.

Montanaro - Distributed use statistics of the NetLibrary uses.

Murtha -50-Minute Instructor Program is scheduled for tomorrow-the program was fully registered within a week.

Respectfully submitted

Myoung C. Wilson

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