Minutes of May 1, 2003 Meeting

Boyle (Chair), Borisovets (Recorder), Frusciano, R. Gardner, Kesselman, Montanaro, Murtha, Kuchi (Guest)
Agnew, Beck, J.Gardner, Sewell

1. AUL Update (Boyle):

  1. Project SAILS: The Libraries will send someone to the ARL planning meeting at ALA for Project SAILS (Project for Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills ). Once we have a better understanding of how much is involved we will make a decision about participating in Phase II of the project.

2. VALE Shared Information Literacy Project (Kuchi):

  1. Four librarians (Kuchi from Rutgers and librarians from NJIT, William Paterson, and Montclair) spent January of 2003 working on a demo information literacy tutorial as well as a process to share information literacy materials based on open source standards.
  1. Goal: To have a one-stop online location where VALE members could find and take online tutorials and other instructional materials and customize them for their own needs. Permission to use all VALE SIL materials would be granted under a VALE general public license.
  1. A VALE subcommittee is already working on developing an index to which members could contribute instructional materials.

3. OpenURL Draft Interim Report (Kesselman):

  1. Recommendation: The Rutgers University Libraries should implement an OpenURL product.
    Open URL will allow our users to link from a citation directly to either the full-text article or to print holdings information; this would be the next step from, and would solve some of the problems inherent to, our current "Search Library Catalog" link in our indexes.
  1. Recommendation: The Rutgers University Libraries should test OpenURL Technology using LinkSource from Ebsco.
    Ebsco is offering a customized trial with full technical support following by a one-year free subscription to LinkSource; a second free year is dependent upon the purchase of Ebsco Business Plus. This will give us ample time to test the technology and make decisions on how to best meet our open source needs.
  1. PSC Recommendations:
    1. Report needs more information on possible staff impact; should then be submitted to Cabinet.
    2. The Assessment Committee should be asked to look at issues relating to the impact of implementing OpenURL.

4. Ingenta (Boyle):

  1. Our Ingenta services (Reveal, the Rutgers Gateway, and Document Delivery) are currently costing us about $15,000 annually. We need to consider if this is something we can continue to maintain in light of our extremely serious budget situation.
  1. Having our own Gateway enables us to send in our serial records and block document delivery access to serials to which we subscribe. It also entitles us to a discount for document delivery. Document delivery costs via Ingenta would double without the subscription.
  1. Subsidized access to Reveal (about $5,000 annually) could be maintained regardless of a decision to cancel the Rutgers Gateway to Ingenta. There are presently about 250 Rutgers user profiles in Reveal; Boyle will check to see how many of these are currently active.

5. Becoming a User-Centered Library: Discussion Postponed.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 26th, NRIV Conference Room

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