Minutes of June 26, 2003 Meeting

Boyle (Chair), Beck, (Recorder), Frusciano, J.Gardner, R. Gardner, Harrington, Libutti, Montanaro, Murtha, Sewell, Wenk, Wilson
Agnew, Borisovets, Kesselman

1. AUL Update

ILL Manager Patron Interface

JG Judy Gardner demoed the new ILL Manager Patron Interface.

Library Navigator for Communication Research

MW Myoung demoed a web tutorial she designed for communications students and faculty.

Becoming a User-Centered Library - Everyone

The following questions were addressed as part of this discussion:

Legacy Round Robin

Each current member was asked to prepare a brief list of their top public services issues. Issues identified were:

VALE Q&ANJ Proposal

JEB for NB Discussed the VALE Recommendation for Rutgers to participate in 6 hours per week to Q&ANJ. Rutgers Librarians would be staffed from 9 PM -11 PM.

There was disagreement among the participants about participation. One campus rejected the idea completely. Others thought that it was our responsibility to contribute as both VALE members and as a good citizen of and for the state of N. J. Individuals felt it was important to participate because of all the grant money that is tied to participation in activities which encourage the partnership of K-12 and academic institutions. Concerns were raised about the inability to answer questions aimed at lower education levels. (K-12). A consensus felt that as reference librarians we were able to answer questions no matter what level they were because of our highly developed searching skills and abilities. Staffing issues were discussed

Conclusion: We would like to participate but cannot resolve staffing issue.

The meeting ended around 12:00.

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