Minutes of August 21, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew (recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Sara Harrington, Ann Montanaro, Karen Wenk, Myoung Chung Wilson
Ruth Bogan

1. AUL's Report Jeanne Boyle

A. Brochures. Jeanne reviewed a table of brochures, including where sent and when last updated. She noted that many brochures have been shortened with redundant text removed.

B. Website. Jeanne noted that the user services menu has changed on the website. Also, Serials Solutions will soon be available on the E-Journals page. Government titles are not included, but Ann Montanaro has obtained a list of government titles from IRIS to supplement Serials Solutions

C. Restructuring. Jeanne noted that interuniversity committees have been established to examine the impact of restructuring the research university system with regard to core services. Marianne Gaunt and Robert Altenkirch, the President of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, are co-chairing the Libraries/IT Committee. They have created four working groups, central, south, north, and systemwide, to examine restructuring issues for libraries and IT with regard to each region as well as systemwide. Each working group has four deliverables: asset list, vision, description of synergies, and milestones what is required to achieve the needs of the restructured university system. Reports are due from each working group to the main committee on September 10.

D. Budget cuts. Marianne Grant has provided a general overview of expected budget cuts. Below the line will be cut by $50,000, of which $35,000 must come from Central. It is not known how these cuts will be distributed at this time. Jeanne passed out the proposed list of database cuts.

E. CLIR Report. CLIR has compiled data about information use of 4,000 faculty and students. Jeanne and Susan Beck are studying the report. Susan is chairing the Assessment Committee. One key finding is that very few people turn to librarians first for information needs.

F. Learning Framework Study Group. Trevani Kuchi, Bobbi Tipton, and Rebecca Gardner are members of this group. They have produced a report that Jeanne will share with the PSC.

G. Instructional Services Committee. The IS Committee will be focusing on developing resources to serve as a toolkit. They have asked for a technical review of TILT by Sam and Shaun. Natalie, Sam and Shaun will also look at Omaha s Ask a Librarian software to adapt for RUL.

H. Miscellaneous. State of the Libraries will be held November 12. Upcoming training workshops for Factiva are available on the library calendar. The NJEdge.Net Conference will be held October 28-30.

I. OpenURL. Marty Kesselman and Mary Page are co-chairing the OpenURL implementation committee. Gary Golden, Ann Montanaro, Karen Wenk, and Myoung Chung Wilson are also on the committee. Arrangements with EBSCO are in negotiation. January 2004 is the anticipated implementation date.

J. Reveal Invoice. Reveal costs approximately $5,000 for 500 alert profiles. Our overall Ingenta costs also include $5,000 for document delivery and $5,000 for the gateway.

K. SAPAC Lecture. Jeanne proposed that PSC co-sponsor a lecture with SAPAC on the User-Centered Library.

2. Retrospective Conversion. Ruth Bogan

Ruth Bogan noted that retrospective conversion increased 300% but that with the current process, retrospective conversion of Alex would still require 5-6 years, She would like to accomplish recon of Alex in 2-3 years. She distributed a report proposing a new process that eliminates a shelf check to determine that each shelflist card reflects a book on the shelves. A sampling indicates that approximately 10% of books awaiting recon are missing. Standard missing books procedures and inventory after recon is completed will be used to resolve discrepancies. PSC unanimously supported the proposed retrospective conversion procedures.

3. PALCI Update. Judy Gardner and Jeanne Boyle

The pilot project ran from February 14 through August 14. Judy produced a report documenting the results which is available at the Libraries website. PALCI is looking at providing article delivery. The University of West Virginia has joined PALCI. Cabinet unanimously approved joining PALCI. FY-03/04 dues were paid with year-end funds. Other service opportunities via PALCI include e-resource collaborative licensing, an onsite borrowing group, and a no-fee photocopying group. The latter two groups consist of libraries that have agreed to participate in onsite reciprocal borrowing and no-fee photocopying. Both of these options for further service are available for participation at no cost. PSC endorsed participating in both. Jeanne and Judy will investigate any issues with regard to participation, such as expanded workload for interlibrary loan or access services. October 1 was recommended as a tentative start date for beginning both additional collaborative services. Sara Harrington recommended additional education for users on finding books to accommodate the expanded repertoire for obtaining books via PALCI.

4. Electronic resource cancellations.

Mitigating the impact on users. Jeanne Boyle reminded everyone that we do have ROARS accounts for citation searching when Web of Science is cancelled. We have a policy in place and a schedule for fees. She asked if Dialog training was needed, but everyone felt the current Web interface was very user-friendly and that no additional training is needed. Further discussion centered on a strong Web presence for alternative ways to locate information contained in cancelled databases.

5. Goal Setting.

The group agreed that goals should reflect a user-centered context. The following goals were recommended for PSC for 2003-4:

A. Undergraduate Focus. It was recommended that we focus this year on the undergraduate user. It was noted that many of our activities, including library collections, particularly electronic resources, have focused on research needs, rather than the needs of undergraduates. Activities could include bringing an undergraduate focus to the library s website, information resources, and services; a statistical review of Rutgers for information about undergraduates; reviewing the CLIR and other data for undergraduate behavior; pursuing expansion of audio reserves; developing tools to enable teaching; and participation in the RUCS myportal implementation. Grace suggested that Jeanne invite the myportal developers from RUCS to provide a demonstration at a forthcoming PSC.

B. Mitigate Impact of Cancellations. It was recommended that we work proactively to minimize the impact of resource cuts. Sara and Natalie will develop a template for providing information about alternatives to any databases cancelled. Ann will develop a list of end dates for the databases under consideration for cancellation.

C. PALCI and OpenURL implementation. Continuing the PALCI implementation and expanding service to include participation in the onsite borrowing and cost-free photocopies groups. Supporting the OpenURL pilot.

D. Subcommittee work. Jeanne asked what role subcommittees such as the Web Advisory Committee, Software Evaluation Work Group, etc. should play in PSC goals. Should PSC goals reflect the work of the subcommittees? PSC agreed that they would like more interaction and engagement with the subcommittees, with subcommittees appearing more frequently on the agenda and interacting more with PSC. Subcommittee work of interest to PSC includes website assessment, the new look proposed for IRIS, and future proposals from the Software Evaluation Work Group.

E. Communications. An overall list of cancellations should be posted on the website following a model at UNLV. The Libraries are developing a proposal to hire a consulting firm to provide a communications audit for the library, and PSC will have a role in the process.

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