Minutes of November 24, 2003 Meeting

S. Beck, N. Borisovets, J. Boyle (chair, recorder), T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, S. Harrington, T. Kuchi, P. Libutti, A. Montanaro, R. Sewell, R. Tipton, K. Wenk, M. Wilson
G. Agnew

1. Learning Frameworks Study Group Report

Rebecca Gardner, Triveni Kuchi, and Bobbi Tipton worked over the past summer to understand the NRC/NSF "How People Learn" (HPL) framework, identify and study other learning frameworks, and find one that might form a foundation for the Libraries instruction program. They also reviewed TILT and other online tutorials to find one in consonance with an appropriate learning framework. They considered requirements and recommendations from ACRL and Middle States.

They recommend that two learning frameworks, the HPL framework and Badrul Khan's "A Framework for E-Learning," are integrated for use at Rutgers. Recommended components of a learning framework for information literacy instruction at Rutgers are learning environment, institutional involvement, teaching materials, resource and maintenance support, and management and administration. The group found SearchPath, a TILT implementation from Western Michigan University, consistent with such an approach.

Discussion included: appropriate use of online tutorials, continuing need for classroom sessions, reusable modules to support development of subject tutorials, value of active learning, definition of "knowledge-based," various types and purposes of assessment, required faculty involvement, a mini-marketing campaign among faculty, Council members' role in supporting a new focus using the framework.

The Council accepted the report of the study group. Members agreed that the recommended framework provides a core way to look at our information literacy program. The instructional services committee will be asked to recommend and develop actions for filling out the framework, and the report will be posted on our Web pages.

Bobbi, Rebecca, and Triveni left the meeting.

2. AUL Update

Jeanne reported:

3. American Hungarian Foundation Library Description Update

Jeanne distributed an update put together by Jim Niessen to the description on our "Libraries and Centers" and "Cooperative Arrangements" Web pages. A phrase in the fifth sentence was struck, and that sentence was revised to read: Anyone may visit the Library to look at materials. The update was approved as amended.

4. PALCI User Meeting

Judy Gardner reported on the recent 1 day PALCI membership meeting that she attended at Penn State. Keynote presentations were given by executive directors from the Boston Library Consortium and Orbis. Like PALCI, they are heavily into resource sharing and joint purchase of electronic resources. Topics discussed included: other collaborative ventures, new participants in E-ZBorrow, new software release that will allow journal article requesting, collaborative archiving of print copies, overlapping consortiums.

5. Undergraduate Service Review

The next meeting will be devoted only to OpenURL and a discussion about undergraduate services. In preparation, Jeanne will look for a university statement about undergraduate education, survey data from graduating, transferring, and withdrawing undergraduates, and what admissions is promising. Other members will seek statements from professional associations: Sara from ARLIS; Tricia from AERA; and Myoung from IFLA.

6. Round Robin

Ann Montanaro asked if the full system backup could be moved from Saturday to Friday night after the library closes. The Council agreed.

Judy reported that the NJULS is now available through JerseyCat and that Rutgers serial holdings will be submitted.

Myoung reported that recruitment is underway for two general public service librarians for the Kilmer and Alexander Libraries at the Librarian V level.

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