Minutes of February 26, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle (chair), Beck, Borisovets, J.Gardner (recorder), Harrington, Libutti, Montanaro, Sewell, Wenk, Wilson

1) AUL Update

2) Expanding Digital Project Selection Criteria to Include Services Projects.

The group discussed the need for different selection criteria for service projects intended to be part of the repository. We agreed that many of the criteria in the current document (Digital Collection Project Proposal Application) are relevant but that a separate document for service projects is needed. Ann Montanaro and Jeanne Boyle will work on a draft.

3) VALE Proposal for Reciprocal Borrowing for Graduate Students.

Recommended that Rutgers participate in VALE's expanded faculty reciprocal borrowing agreement and extend guest borrowing privileges to graduate students at other participating institutions.

4) Loan Period for Undergraduates.

Reviewed summary of the Access Services Committee's discussion of undergraduate loan periods and thanked the committee for its analysis.

5) Undergraduate Services Review

Round Robin.

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