Minutes of May 27, 2004 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (chair & recorder), Judy Gardner, Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes, Patricia Libutti, Ann Montanaro, Lynn Mullins, Karen Wenk
Grace Agnew, Tom Frusciano, Bob Sewell, Myoung Wilson

Lynn Mullins welcomed everyone to Newark and spoke about the library as place, an important concept that has major interest during the current period of transition. She shared many examples of exhibitions, events, and projects at the Dana Library that contribute socially and culturally to the building of a sense of community for the campus, the arts, and the city and that promote independent and collaborative learning that is both visual and aural. The library has been owned by members of these communities and its users and serves as a place of continuing collaboration and inspiration. A packet of colorful flyers, press releases, Web pages, and other public relations materials was distributed.

Lynn left the meeting.

1. AUL Report

Jeanne Boyle reported on the following: the Alumni portal, Cabinet review of the library organization, information literacy meetings with faculty and the information literacy symposium, Eureka s offer to link to an institution s Ask a Librarian, the need to elect a representative to coordinating committee, updating the Other Catalogs Web page.

It was determined that all eligible council members will be voted upon for representative by all council members. Jeanne will send a list by email, and responses will be sent to Lucye Millerand. Balloting must be completed by June 15.

Jeanne distributed a handout about the Other Library Catalogs Web page. The Camden County Library catalog will be added to the Other Catalogs Web page. JerseyCat, RLIN, and WorldCat should be listed higher on the page; RLIN staff mode should be removed, the New Jersey Union List of Serials link is broken and should now refer to JerseyCat, RLIN and WorldCat should exit to the Other Catalogs page rather than from the Indexes and Databases page, and the New Jersey Libraries listing should be in the Individual Library Catalogs column. The National Libraries listing may be the IFLA list. If not, perhaps the IFLA list should be included instead or in addition. Tricia Libutti will investigate the IFLA list. Jeanne will review the pages and assign council members catalog descriptions to review.

2. Undergraduate Service Review Action/Proposal Planning

Suggestions for future undergraduate services listed in the report Reviewing Service Goals for Undergraduates: A Public Services Council Working Document were reviewed for what, who, when, and budget. The following actions were determined:

a. First-Time Library User Task Force

What - Will consider the following suggestions from the working document, and others:

Will work with admissions

Who - Natalie Borisovets, Tricia Libutti, and Karen Wenk; Jeanne to develop charge and seek technical support

When January

Budget Possibly Camtasia software, posters

b. Collaboration with Learning Resource Centers

What Seek a forum for publicizing our services, possibly providing separate library sessions for tutors or students, though the Learning Resource Centers

Who Instruction coordinators

When Over the next academic year

Budget none

c. Undergraduate Colleges

What Gain understanding of how the undergraduate colleges are organized to determine our most logical point of contact for discussion. Identify current library relationships. Goal is to develop a close working relationship with the undergraduate colleges and possibly appoint formal library liaisons.

Who Jeanne Boyle, Sara Harrington

When TBD

Budget none

d. Undergraduate Collections

What Develop proposal for package of electronic reference titles needed by undergraduates, including a one-minute library of basic works (dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, almanac), and provide selectors with a list of public domain e-books from NetLibrary suitable for first-year and sophomore students.

Who Jeanne email to GERT for package; Natalie Borisovets, Judy Gardner, Theo Haynes, Ann Montanaro for selector list

When Lists should be sent to selectors over the next semester

Budget Reference titles and cataloging records from NetLibrary

3. Goals and Recommendations Review

Cabinet and Council goals for 2003/04 were reviewed. All goals were considered during the year, and most were accomplished.

Cabinet goals completed or underway are those having to do with the undergraduate services review, integrating services and collections into e-learning, developing an online information literacy tutorial, furthering the information literacy strategy, implementing OpenURL, expanding PALCI resource sharing, research guides, and the communications audit. Implementation of the Web content management system was studied and has been delayed, while the review of database platforms and configurations is on hold.

All Council goals but one were completed, although not all of the specific action recommendations were possible. The goal not completed was that the council was to have more interaction with its subcommittees.

Recommendation logs from AY 1998 forward were reviewed. Most recommendations have been carried out. Some were not possible to do because circumstances changed or they proved to be impractical. Based on input from the meeting, Jeanne will update the logs on the Council Reports Web page and follow-up on pending items.

Goals for AY 2005 will be discussed at the June meeting. As background, Jeanne distributed the PROP proposals and the 2002 public services budget needs request.

4. Involvement in Learning Management Systems

Jeanne suggested that more background work is needed before approaching LMS managers at Rutgers. There are many LMS s, but Jeanne has found little evidence of use at Rutgers of any systems beyond WebCT, Blackboard, and eCompanion/eCollege. While she has identified the offices that operate these systems, we are not yet sure of the policy makers and technical managers with whom we might collaborate. We also are uncertain of what we would have to offer. Our tutorial is nascent, and our research guides are an incomplete suite. A first step might be to see if Sirsi has a course integrator underway similar to what Endeavor has developed. We will ask Sirsi about their plans at their May 28 visit to Rutgers.

5. Round Robin

Ann Montanaro updated everyone about the Digital Architecture and Infrastructure Working Group (DAWG). Members are working on the infrastructure using the New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH) as the prototype. NJDH policies and procedures will be used for the Rutgers repository. There are subgroups for metadata, pipeline processes, and the interface. A mass storage system has been purchased. The NJDH website includes project Web pages and is not the NJDH itself. Seabrook Farms will be the first contributor. Seabrook will do the scanning and data entry. MODS is being used for the metadata, and the technical data is self-generated.

We will soon be beta testing for the Sirsi 2004 release. New features for circulation and cataloging include major WorkFlows changes. Acquisitions and serials control will be tested later in the year.

Ann encouraged everyone to attend the May 28 Sirsi demo.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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