Minutes of October 28, 2004 Meeting

Boyle (Chair), Beck, (Recorder), Borisovets, Frusciano, Gardner, Harrington, Libutti, Montanaro, Sewell, Wenk, Wilson

I. AUL Report - JEB

Privacy screens are available to allow people to look at whatever they desire without annoying other users. Currently there are ten privacy screens available for the system. Additional screens will be purchased as needed.

Federated departments- Students and faculty affiliated with federated departments such as History in Newark with NJIT and some with UMDNJ present unique challenges for the libraries. We are trying to identify individuals affected and establish common policies and practices to facilitate services.

Banning letters (which ban individuals from Campuses) will no longer be distributed to all PSC Representatives, but will be kept centrally by the AUL for Public Services and Communications.


2. Library Logo on Public Workstation Desktop - MW

Recommendation to include RUL logo with direct access to Libraries so users know where to begin when they approach library provided computers. Ann Montanaro in consultation with Sam McDonald will bring potential models to PSC.

3. myRutgers - PL

PL discussed her experimentation with myRutgers. She presented two concerns that needed further investigation: remote access issues and understanding how briefcase works. Further exploration in myRutgers use was advocated before a major publicity campaign is implemented.

4. Federated Journal Title Searching - KW

5. Reference Services Goal

In discussing our Reference Services Goal we identified the types of reference services we offer including: digital reference, in person reference, consultation, classroom, telephone, fax, committee support, snail mail, and referred third person. We also offer instant messaging and telephone text messaging. We have offered reference services at the desk, via email and chat, off desk and in offices, and in campus centers and dorms. Reference services are also provided at our access services desks and by systems.

We identified several approaches for looking at reference services:

How do students and faculty ask questions?

What are they asking us?

Ideas we discussed

6. ILL Update - JG

Judy reported on her meeting with CDC. CDC members agreed to withdraw long overdue records form IRIS, while still keeping borrower financial accountability information.

Selectors will be given a list of long overdue items in July and then records will be removed from the database in October.

Judy also shared statistical overview of document delivery and interlibrary loan data which will be posted on the web soon.

7. Round Robin

SH will share her minutes from the Coordinating and Planning Committee Meeting.

AM invited council members to attend Don't Run Away Screaming! Addressing Legal Issue in Digitization Projects a program sponsored by NJDH with Mary Minow on Dec. 13, 2004 in the SCC from 9:30 a.m. - 12 Noon.

Register for this on the NJ State Library website.

You can find the form at http://www.njstatelib.org/LDB/Events/Registration.php?item_id=71

SB encouraged members to participate in the Focus Groups on the Library Quality Excellence Indicators on Monday Nov. 1, 2004 in the Pane Room.

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