Minutes of November 22, 2004 Meeting

Boyle (Chair), Agnew, (Recorder), Beck, Borisovets, Frusciano, Gardner, Harrington, Libutti, Montanaro, Wenk, Wilson

AUL's Report (Jeanne Boyle):

Screen Designs for Publicly-Configured PCs (Ann Montanaro)

Ann Montanaro previewed several possible designs for PCs that are used within the library by the public (RU faculty, students and visitors). The new designs incorporate the Libraries' logo and provide users with a choice of browser-Netscape or Internet Explorer. After some discussion, PSC recommended that the logo size be expanded with text incorporated in the image: "Choose a browser:" The browser icons should be the Netscape and IE icons, which are readily recognizable, and should be anchored at the bottom of the screen, beneath the logo and text.

First-time Library Users Task Force (Patricia Libutti)

Patricia discussed a marketing strategy, geared toward making new users aware of the library's website, the identification needed to access commercial resources, and SearchPath. SearchPath cards are being considered for marketing this new service. They are looking at printing a card for distribution at Orientation or possibly a cardholder. After some discussion, it was decided to hold off on cards that explain barcode and pin, since while these are needed for circulation, as of January, users will have the option to use their NetID to access library databases remotely. PSC suggested that any marketing should incorporate a catchy slogan that can be used in a number of places, such as: "Use your library 24/7. Visit the website to find out how." PSC also discussed marketing points of contact such as the RUConnection Office, to combine marketing with places new users will automatically visit, as well as blanketing other common visiting places: library desks, orientations, NetID distribution sites, etc. The Task Force will take the suggestions provided and continue to revise the proposed marketing strategy.

GERT (General Electronic Resources Team) (Susan Beck)

Susan led a discussion of resources needed to support the "One Minute Library" concept, which will also support increased access to general resources during Rt. 18 construction. Four resource types are included in the "One Minute Library"-encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, and almanac. Several resources were discussed-Wilson Omnifile, Proquest Research, the Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book and Xrefer Plus. The group decided that Encyclopedia Britannica, which actually provides all resources except the almanac, is the highest priority for purchase as well as Wilson Omnifile, which can be incorporated in the separate Rt. 18 purchase request. Susan will take the recommendation to GERT, which meets the following week and is preparing a recommendation for the December 16 Collection Development Council meeting.

Collaborative Programs (Jeanne Boyle)

PSC reviewed a draft policy statement prepared by Jeanne Boyle for collaborative programs. Jeanne reviewed the difference between "Joint Programs" and "Dual Degree" programs. According to the University Counsel, students and faculty in joint programs who take courses at either participating university as part of their degree work may have remote access to our electronic resources and services. They are our students and need to be supported with all our services and resources. In dual degree programs, the student completes one program before beginning another. The student is considered a Rutgers student only when doing the course work specific to the Rutgers degree. PSC unanimously approved the draft with no changes. It is not certain where the policy will reside on the web page once finalized. Jeanne will inform PSC about the location when it is posted to the website.

Reference Services Goal (All)

PSC has a goal to plan the most effective combination of onsite and remote reference services to meet user information needs. A discussion ensued about the best way to accomplish this goal. Points of discussion included the very distinctive nature of reference service on different campuses and libraries, as well as the need for increased commitment by library faculty to the "Ask a Librarian" service. It was largely agreed that any attempt to set basic standards for policy and practice need to involve standardized reference service statistics. RUL reference service statistics are based on number of questions asked, not on number of reference interviews. A complex reference interview may have many questions. Other statistics that may or may not be consistently counted are emails received directly from faculty and students, reference questions handled by librarians and faculty who are not reference librarians, such as Judy Gardner and Ann Montanaro. The need for consistent statistics was noted, as well as a need to look at the policies and strategies of peer institutions as well as current research. Qualitative measures need to encompass user satisfaction, which often has more to do with the manner of service and accuracy of answer. It was noted that we have implemented the RUSA competencies as our benchmarks of service, across all libraries. Another useful question to explore: what are the barriers RUL reference librarians face in doing their work. Libraries are also testing new strategies of service, such as "on call" reference service at the Douglass Library. A subgroup to explore these issues was suggested. In addition to considering these issues, they will review the Pew Studies and the CLIR/OCLC report by Carol Tenopir in order to extract a framework for further discussion. The subgroup membership will be Karen Wenk, Natalie Borisovetz, Tricia Libutti and Susan Beck. They will develop a framework for determining the optimum balance of in-person, telephone and virtual reference services. A subgroup report will be provided at the March 2005 meeting.

Round Robin (All)

Susan Beck reported that the privacy screen test has not been successful at Camden. They are trying a new strategy to encourage proper use of the screens.

Judy Gardner provided Access Services updates. SHARES lending is up 1% and borrowing is down 29%. RUL is one of the top ten lenders for SHARES. Overall, SHARES activity is down 25%. Glenn Sandberg has been hired as the new ILL supervisor in the Public Services and Communications Department. The E-Reserve working group reviewed a new E-Reserves Flash tutorial designed at Camden by Vib Bowman, John Gibson, Theo Haynes. They will send the tutorial to WAC and distribute the URL on the libraries' website when available.

Academic Libraries are not to use JerseyClicks. We have been informed unofficially by the State Library and will receive official notice soon. Our barcodes will be pulled. It will remain on the RUL Alumni Page for the time being.

Ann Montanaro noted that I-link has been installed and is in test. IPAC will begin looking at the configuration. Director's Station won't be delivered until the end of the 1st quarter (2005).

Patricia Libutti noted that Harry Glazer and Instruction Services are looking at marketing suggestions for SearchPath.

Myoung Wilson noted that 21 Scandinavian librarians attending the Virtual Reference Delivery conference touring the area visited Douglass, where a wonderful discussion took place.

Karen Wenk also attended the Virtual Reference Delivery conference where live reference via IRQ was the main topic of discussion. She noted that there was general surprise that RUL dropped its' live reference service. Jeanne noted that many of our colleagues in large libraries are doing the same.

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