Agenda of December 23, 2004 Meeting

Special Discussion Topic: Strategic Planning - Everyone

Initial discussion for 1-2 page strategic direction statement; background report information distributed earlier.

Expected outcome: Develop potential categories and determine assignments for further investigation and writing.

1. AUL Report - JEB

I have nothing to report but will entertain any questions!

2. Planning and Coordinating Committee - SH

Report about possible public service actions and the Creth document.

Expected Outcome: Sharing of information about our work on undergraduate service.

3. NetID - NB, JEB, AM, and testers

Update on progress of testing and review of plans for introducing the service.

Expected Uutcome: Approval of direction and timeline

4. Google - JEB

Timeout to comment on Google Scholar, Recommend, and Google Print.

Expected outcome: Enhanced awareness and recommendations about how to include these services in our program.

5. Round Robin

Secretary for this meeting: Natalie Borisovets
Next meeting: Thursday, January 27, 2005, Alexander Library

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