Minutes of January 27, 2005 Meeting

J. Boyle (Chair) (Recorder), S. Beck, N. Borisovets, J. Cassel (for M. Wilson), S. Ellis (part), T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, S. Harrington, S. McDonald (part), A. Montanaro, R. Sewell, K. Wenk
G. Agnew, P. Libutti, M. Wilson

Meeting Topics Reported:

  1. Special Discussion Topic: Strategic Planning
  2. BookRoom Demo
  3. AUL Report
  4. "Gray" Databases
  5. ALA Round Robin
  6. Round Robin

1. Special Discussion Topic: Strategic Planning Everyone

Council members spent the first half hour of the meeting reading background documents, which included a summary of points from the strategic plan discussion at the December Council meeting, compilations of contributions from council subgroups and central public services and communications units, an extract from the Creth data of items relevant to public services, the executive summary from the faculty and student focus group report compiled by O'Connor and Radford, and summary tables from the preliminary report of faculty liaison survey compiled by Tricia Libutti.

The discussion included the following main points: ease of access to relevant information (includes points from the PSSEWG, collaborative services with other institutions), understand more about our users, personal management of information (includes retrieval and management at the desktop), support for users in making choices, user-centered at most basic level (includes training, understanding our users, how we view ourselves), teach skills that allow people to determine what relevant and reliable information is (includes instruction and one-on-one),and the library as place (includes consolidation of collections for service, new learning spaces, making buildings welcoming and desirable meeting, study, and learning space, library as refuge with designated quiet and collaborative spaces, allowing food and drink).

Ann Montanaro, Sara Harrington, Susan Beck, and Jeanne Boyle agreed to draft sections for the 1-2 page strategic direction statement the Council is charged to submit to the strategic plan steering committee. [Note: the final document is available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/strategic_planning/public_services.shtml.]

2. BookRoom Demo S. Ellis and S. McDonald (guests)

Shaun Ellis gave a preview of Bookroom, the new room scheduling system that would be introduced next Wednesday, February 2. The need for additional calendar views suitable for posting outside meeting rooms and the desire for generating various reports, especially for instruction, were recommended and are already on the enhancement list. The Council advised that no special training programs were required.

3. AUL Report J. Boyle

Jeanne reported about how information literacy is being included in the proposal for a new undergraduate curriculum under development by the curriculum issues subcommittee of the task force on undergraduate education. She distributed a multi-year scanner replacement plan proposal developed by Barbara Garwood and Darryl Voorhees, imaging services. The Libraries will cosponsor the April 13 OIRT symposium about information literacy, and Jeanne is working with Gayle Stein to identify faculty speakers. ScienceDirect and Cambridge Scientific trainers will be on campus during late February and March.

4. "Gray" Databases J. Boyle

The Web Advisory Committee requested guidance on cataloging/linking to/description of databases acquired by Rutgers units outside the Libraries. A list of databases submitted by Ka-Neng Au, WAC chair, was reviewed. The council recommended that all databases on the list be cataloged in IRIS and listed on the Libraries' website. Jeris Cassel will investigate the business databases, and Jeanne will consult with cataloging for workload implications.

5. ALA Round Robin Everyone

Jeanne attended meetings about metasearching sponsored by LITA and RLG. Public services "big heads" shared their work incorporating library resources into learning management systems (Columbia and Yale have extensive projects underway) and developing communications strategies (considerable interest expressed in our communications audit). Representatives from Michigan, Harvard, and Stanford spoke about their Google Scholar initiatives, which big heads agreed was an important step forward.

Susan Beck attended LibQual training, a meeting about the RUSA behavioral guidelines, and a two-hour SWOT on strategic panning for reference managers.

6. Round Robin Everyone

Susan asked for comment about canceling Gale's Ready Reference Shelf. The Council agreed the information was available elsewhere. Jeanne and Susan will review the Web cancellation template and get notice of the pending cancellation posted.

Ann Montanaro distributed "Open WorldCat Clicks to Libraries Report" from OCLC. The number of searches entering IRIS via Open WorldCat from Yahoo and Google is significant when compared to the number of WorldCat searches from our website 521 to 4,211. Ninety-three clicks were from authenticated Rutgers users, and our experience from other services indicates that many of the other clicks also represent Rutgers users. Having our holdings revealed this way may add to our interlibrary loan traffic. WorldCat searching from our website is double our RLIN searching.

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