Minutes of March 24, 2005 Meeting

J. Boyle (Chair), R. Bogan, N. Borisovets, T. Frusciano (recorder), J. Gardner, S. Harrington, T. Haynes (for S. Beck), M. Kesselman, P. Libutti, A. Montanaro, M. Page, R. Sewell, M. Wilson
G. Agnew, S. Beck, K. Wenk

Meeting Topics Reported:

  1. Alexander Retrospective Conversion
  2. Open URL
  3. Meta-Searching
  4. AUL Report
  5. RedLightGreen
  6. Searchpath

1. Alexander Library Retrospective Conversion -- Ruth Bogan

Ruth Bogan informed the Council that recon for titles in Alexander Library has gained momentum. Statistics handed out to members demonstrated a significant increase in production:

 Oct. 2003Feb. 2005
Cards remaining119,00055,000
RECON items in IRIS (all libraries)26,183ca. 110,000
RECON items in ALEX23,120ca. 105,000
OCLC cost per item added $0.65
RECON items circulated86265
Circs per 1000 RECON items3.282.41

Ruth provided a formal definition for recon: "Recon is the conversion of existing shelf list data into MARC format." She also stated that reports of titles missing from Alexander Library are now sent to the Annex for checking before records are removed from IRIS. She noted that some missing titles have been found residing at the Annex. Priorities set by the Technical Services Council for recon include 1) Alexander; 2) NJ DOCS; and 3) LSM NJ DOCS. The target completion date of the project is October 1, 2005.

2. Open URL -- Mary Page and Marty Kesselman

Mary Page and Marty Kesselman reported on the current status of RUL's implementation of LinkSource, Ebsco's Open URL product. Council members reviewed the March 17, 2005 Progress Report issued by the Open URL Implementation Team and Mary and Marty summarized the major points of that report. Since the Summer 2004 RUL has made available more than twenty databases as full-text sources. The project began with a few problems but the majority of those issues have been resolved. Librarians have become more comfortable with LinkSource and it has become a standard component in bibliographic instruction courses. A discussion followed on problems retrieving resources that have not included ISSN in their indexing, a requirement for access via Open URL. Mary stated that the Implementation Team recommends continuing with LinkSource through FY 2006 once our complimentary subscription ends on June 30, 2005. She also extended her sincere thanks to Dave Hoover and Cathy Pecoraro for all their assistance in making LinkSource a success. Jeanne Boyle asked the members if there are other databases that we would like to see in LinkSource. Natalie Borisovets suggested Periodical Citation Index (PCI), while other expressed strong interest in Omnifile.

3. Meta-Searching Marty Kesselman and Jeanne Boyle

Jeanne introduced the topic of meta-searching by reporting on recent discussions among RLG member librarians. She emphasized projects at Princeton (MetaLib to WebFeat?), Stanford (Grokker), and the California Digital Library (MetaLib) and handed out sample materials from each institution. Marty reassured the group that meta-searching is still maturing and RUL is in a good position since we haven't "jumped in yet." There is a high commitment of staff and resources devoted to meta-searching implementation. Our strategic planning calls for RUL to follow developments closely and investigate a "commercial" solution, not write one of our own. Jeanne reminded the group that we also need to follow Jersey Clicks, which uses Autographics as its meta-searching platform.

4. AUL Report Jeanne Boyle

Jeanne reported on the following items:

5. RedLightGreen Natalie Borisovets

Natalie provide a detailed demonstration of RLG's free resource to locate books for research, check the availability in the library, and create bibliographic citations. Although targeted for undergraduate populations, she stressed how receptive graduate students have been when introduced to RedLightGreen. Currently the only link to the resource appears on the Alumni Library page under "databases." Council members suggested that a link to RedLightGreen should be provided in "Indexes," "Other Library Catalogs," and incorporated into the "MyRutgers" portal.

6. Searchpath Jeanne Boyle and Patricia Libutti

Jeanne informed the group that a public relations campaign is planned for Searchpath, including an article in the Targum. She urged public service librarians and staff to promote it, particularly for the Fall 2005 semester. Pat recently conducted a session at the Graduate School of Education. She also circulated results of the Searchpath Awareness Survey, recently completed by members of RUL. Jeanne will send council members an html signature file that they can adapt for advertising Searchpath, and Searchpath will also be added to the myRutgers portal.

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