Minutes of May 26, 2005 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Judy Gardner, Sara Harrington (recorder), Patricia Libutti, Ann Montanaro, Karen Wenk


Public Services Council Agenda and Minutes

1. AUL Report – JEB

At the same meeting, RLG demonstrated RedLightGreen's newest version, which will include advertisements.

2. Billing and Delinquent Accounts Update —JG

J. Gardner presented a review of new billing system activities, including the creation of bills for long overdue accounts. Both current and former students will be subject to the new delinquent accounts process. There was some discussion about collection fees for long overdue items. J. Gardner indicated that she would review the relevant policies with Cabinet.

3. Planning and Coordinating Committee--SH

S. Harrington reviewed meeting activities for the April and May 2005 Planning and Coordinating Committee meetings. Most agenda items, including a new preamble to the bylaws and a revised affirmative action statement, will come to the full faculty at a faculty meeting. Ongoing issues include a review of workload related to committee responsibilities.

4. First Time Library Users Task Force—NB, JG, PL, KW

The First Time Library Users Task Force seeks to reach undergraduate freshmen and transfer students. Earlier meetings of the task force have sought to craft a short and focused message informing students of the Libraries and its resources. At a recent meeting Diane Harris, Director of Communication, Undergraduate Admissions, expressed a willingness to send a short email message to incoming freshmen before August, and to transfer students before January. This "broadcast message" is to include the Libraries url and a brief welcome message. The Task Force also discussed offering a promotion token, such as an eraser, to students when they come in to get their PIN. J. Boyle will mark the Public Services calendar about the message to be sent.

5. Undergraduate Colleges Working Group—JB, SH, MW

The Undergraduate Colleges Working Group report was shared via email in advance of meeting, and PSC accepted the report as presented.

6. Communications Audit Implementation Chart--JEB

The Communications marketing team is to begin work and develop a communications plan. PSC briefly discussed the creation of a Library Users Manual and other publications. It was decided that simple, catchy phrases would be used to describe the tri-fold service brochures issued by Public Services, and that service brochures would be combined where it makes sense. Some wording changes might also be necessary, i.e., "off campus" should replace "home" in the brochures.

7. Other Goals Update—JEB

While additional activities were listed for the undergraduate focus goal, all working groups have now finished the tasks they were assigned. The reference services review has not been completed and needs to be revisited. Searchpath has been launched and is being supported; meta search services were included in our discussions, studied by the software evaluation group, and will probably be a major initiative for our new strategic plan; planning for introduction of Rapid is underway; a liaison for RedLightGreen was named (N. Borisovets) and it will be added to the other catalogs listing on our website; IPAC launched iLink; the Council wrote a report for strategic planning and awaits results from LibQual; and the Council discussed initial communications audit recommendations.

8. Vendor Training Workshops--JEB

PSC discussed some of the issues relating to vendor training and decided to discontinue vendor training as it stands, but to consider other possible models for training in the future.

9. Google Scholar--KW

WAC sent a proposal to PSC on how to present Google Scholar on our website. There are several workload and philosophical issues regarding the inclusion of Google Scholar on the Libraries website. After considering the issue, PSC decided that Google Scholar should be placed on the Indexes and Databases list, and the Libraries should investigate off campus proxy issues. PSC would like to implement WAC's proposed page. K. Wenk will report back to WAC.

10. Public Services Projects—JEB

Cabinet wishes to strategically plan the allocation of resources and has asked its members for a list of projects that require an ongoing technological commitment. PSC reviewed the Public Services support 'laundry list' and determined that relevant projects include meta-searching, the repository, learning management systems, licensing management systems, support for assessment, adding dust jackets and TOCs to IRIS, and a long-term commitment to multimedia.

Relatedly, PSC recommends changing the Libraries website search engine from htdig to Google.

11. Library Support for New Multidisciplinary Areas of Excellence and Emphasis--JEB

PSC discussed this issue at length. Several members felt that it would be valuable to assign/appoint a librarian to act as a liaison to these areas, for to develop collections would require collection and service analyses, and the construction of web portal (as well as the ability to support the materials placed in the portal). As no final decisions were reached, it may be necessary to return to this issue in the future.

12. Round Robin

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