Minutes of July 28, 2005 Meeting

Susan Beck; Jeanne Boyle, chair; Natalie Borisovets; Bonita Grant; Marty Kesselman; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Kevin Mulcahy; Bob Sewell.
Grace Agnew, Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner, Eileen Stec.

1. Jeanne welcomed new members Jeris Cassel, Bonita Grant, Marty Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, and Eileen Stec.

2. OIRT evaluates and acquires software for University-wide purchase. They are reviewing EndNote and Refworks, bibliographic software management programs, and have included the Libraries and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching in the testing and evaluation process. Both products have been demonstrated. EndNote seems to require more support than Refworks and is more expensive. No decision had been made about purchase or support.

OIRT is also working on Sakai, community source software used for course management. A pilot is in progress with 60 courses using Sakai for fall semester. Links to library resources can be made through the software and the eventual goal is to also make electronic reserves a link.

Google Scholar is now available on the library web pages but there are some OpenURL issues to be resolved.

Members of Technical Services Council reviewed electronic resource management systems (ERMS) at ALA. Some vendors sell stand-alone systems and others are linked to the integrated library system. Rather than reviewing ERMS and other products separately, a task force will be established to design an RFP for a comprehensive package including OpenURL, ERMS, and metasearching.

Ebsco's LinkSource will continue for 2005-2006.

2. All of the service brochures were reviewed. Changes were proposed to the following brochures.

A. Borrowing Privileges - new headline: "Here's how to use the libraries."

B. Connect from Home. Change brochure to "Connect from Off Campus." New headline - "Not on campus but want to use the libraries? Here's how."

C. Electronic Documents on Reserve - new headline: "It's on reserve? Here's how to get it."

D. Interlibrary Loan Services: Borrowing - new headline "Need a book or journal article that the Libraries don't have? We'll get it for you! "

E. ROARS - new headline: "Our fee-based service can thoroughly search the scholarly literature for you."

F. Using Moving Image Materials in the Classroom. Proposed new title: Using Videos and Films in the Classroom. New headline: "Here's how."

One change was proposed to the brochure "Library Instruction: Information for Faculty, Instructors, and Program Coordinators." Use the headline "Here's how we can help you incorporate information literacy into your curriculum."

3. The council completed the "RUL Group Questionnaire Form" for submission to the Planning and Coordinating Committee.

4. A preliminary discussion of goal setting was held in anticipation of full discussion at the August meeting. The following broad topics were proposed: analysis of LibQual data, metasearching, Sakai and other learning management systems, development of the repository, working with other University departments that provide student services

5. Round Robin.

Marty Kesselman reported that a contract had been signed for a trial of Scopus. The trial will run through December 2006.

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