Minutes of September 22, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (Chair), Eileen Stec (recorder), Jeris Cassel, Kevin Mulcahy, Bonita Grant, Natalie Borisovets, Martin Kellelman, Ann Montanaro and Susan Beck.


  1. AUL Report.
  2. Principles for the Networked World.
  3. Undergraduate Education Open Forum.
  4. Round Robin.

1. AUL Report

myRutgers - The new configuration with our recommended library link is expected to go live September 28, 2005. Copies of top pages were distributed. Jeanne Boyle will send a notice to rul_everyone prior to the 28th.

EndNote/RefWorks - Demonstrations are scheduled and announced: EndNote - October 12, 1:30 pm; RefWorks - October 21, 10 am. Both demonstrations will be in the Pane Room, Alexander Library. A meeting of a planning committee of OIRT, CAT, instructional technology staff, Marty Kesselman, and Jeanne Boyle is being scheduled. Teaching faculty is also invited to the demonstrations. RUL responsibility was reviewed: PSC agreed previously to have designated library representatives on each campus (two for New Brunswick) to answer questions about the selected software. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching may be tapped to conduct training for faculty. It was suggested during the meeting that we request the Writing Centers conduct the student training.

New Task Force - Grace Agnew and Jeanne Boyle are charging the Electronic Resource Access and Integration Task Force to develop requirements for an integrated system for metasearching, OpenURL linking, and resource management and to develop an RFP for submission to university procurement. Most work is to be done this semester. Ann Montanaro has agreed to chair, and appointment letters will be sent later today.

Effective Meetings Workshop - the workshop facilitated by Karen Novick was well attended, and we will try to repeat it so everyone has the opportunity to attend. Copies of Committee Best Practices was distributed and briefly reviewed.

Alumni Databases - The Libraries prepared a proposal for providing full text databases for alumni for the Foundation. Two databases are proposed, and the cost is just under $12K. Copies of the proposal were distributed. Judy Gardner, Bob Sewell, and Ann Montanaro providee information for the proposal and were thanked. Kwi Brennan from the Rutgers Foundation, noted the service to alumni the Libraries are providing and he will recommend raising the level of importance of raising money for the Libraries.

Searchpath - The September 21st lunchtime seminar about Searchpath presented by Mira Foster and Tony Joachim was well attended and the discussion was informative, interactive and well designed. Additional sessions and further distribution of the librarians' guide are being considered.

Project SAILS - Eileen Stec gave a report to Cabinet. A written report will be posted on The PSC web site, and we are considering where else to share the information. The members agreed to invite Eileen to present at the PSC meeting in November.

Instructional Technology - Funding has been identified to recruit for the Instructional Technology Development Librarian position. A search committee will be formed shortly. Jeanne, Jeris, and Jane are attending the New Media Consortium regional conference at Yale, October 5-7. NMC's theme for this year is instructional technology.

Hurricane Katrina Visitors - Visiting students are being registered as UC students. Contact Judy Gardner if faculty and graduate students wish to register. RUconnection in NB has just had one research group in chemistry.

Hold the Date - State of the Libraries will be November 2, 2005 at the Busch Campus Center. The theme will be undergraduate education.

UMDNJ - A meeting to expand our arrangement for joint degree programs is being scheduled. We will seek data from UMDNJ libraries for eligible participants for the Newark and Camden campuses and explore what data they may require from us.

Center for Cultural Analysis - Jeanne has become an associate of the Center for Cultural Analysis, which has taken intellectual property as its theme for the year. We have proposed a joint conference for the spring semester on the topic of open access and research impact. Jeanne is a member of the Imagining IP in a Networked World Working Group facilitated by Professors Greg Lastowka and Ellen Goodman of the Camden Law School.

Google - Work is proceeding on changing our web site search engine from htdig to Google. A prototype has been developed and is being wordsmithed. There are also a few technical items still to be finished, and then it will be tested.

Imaging Services - We are examining how we might use KnightExpress and credit cards. The process is very complicated, however this service could provide a significant infusion of funds.

2. Principles for the Networked World.

The members discussed the principles and will recommend to Cabinet that the Libraries ascribe to these principles, even when we fall short of them or they are out of the control of the Libraries.

3. Undergraduate Education Open Forum.

Jeanne Boyle will create a statement on the impact of the Undergraduate Education Report (UER) on the Libraries.

Discussion followed on the opportunity of the forum to increase the visibility of the Libraries. In order to create the forum, the committee would like someone (a speaker) to frame the UER with potential effects to the Libraries, provide examples, then open discussion. A possible topic could be around resolving the tension between small, identified communities and the larger research university. The members also discussed if the Libraries, itself, can create communities of students.

The PSC will take up this discussion at the November meeting, after members review the UER.


4. Round Robin.

Ann Montanaro.

Marty Kesselman:

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