Minutes of November 21, 2005 Meeting

Susan Beck, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (Chair) Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner, Bonita Grant, Mary Kesselman, Bob Sewell (Recorder), Eileen Steck

1. AUL Report:

The OIT Task Force on EndNote and Ref Work will invite several librarians (Ka-Neng Au, Jeris Cassel, Karen Wenk) to give an in depth librarian perspective on the two products.

The IT Strategic Plan is making progress. Boyle reported on her subcommittee on Governance, stating they recommend establishing a high-level, system-wide advisory to advise on allocation of resources, policies, etc.

A search committee for the RUL Instructional Technology Librarian is reviewing job descriptions at other universities with similar positions.

Jeris Cassel, Jane Sloan, and Jeanne Boyle attended the New Media Center Conference at Yale on Oct. 5-7, 2005. The main theme was "gaming" and its possible use in instruction. The three will be giving a Brown Bag Talk on December 14.

Judy Gardner attended two back-to-back conferences in Philadelphia- Palinet and Palci. At the Palinet conference Judy attended a session on issues of copyright and duplication related to Google Print, the 1 Million Book Project, and Open Content Services. In talks on user-oriented libraries, the question that should be asked is "why are users using the library?" Just ask them. Users have different orientations to librarians: Users like to find, librarians like to search.

Palci now has 57 members. They are developing new software related to E-Z borrow. RU's borrowing and lending is more balanced then previously, but we still borrow 23% more than we lend. About 75% of all of RU's borrowing is through E-Z borrow.

Jeanne lead discussion on LibData software developed at the University of Minnesota that is an authoring application for library pages. It allows individual librarians to better manage their library pages. It can pull relevant resources to be pulled in to course ware and research guides, evaluate trends. This software contain elements content management systems. It would replace the we now update our web pages. Borisovets will work with WAC to explore further.

2. LibQual+:

Susan Beck lead a discussion on LibQual Data in general as well as data, including comments from the survey, specifically related to Public Services.

Susan reminded us that LibQual+ only measures perceptions of library users in three areas - Affect of Service, Information Control, Library as Place - and ranks perception as minimum acceptable standard, desired level, and perceived level.

Three groups outside of the Libraries were surveyed, undergraduate and graduated students, faculty, and staff. In general, all groups were generally satisfied - the students the most, the faculty next, and staff the least.

Five areas have been highlighted for improvement:

3. Undergraduate Education Forum

Discussion about holding a forum on the Libraries' role in Transforming Undergraduate Education.

4. Reference Service:

A general discussion about reference services was stimulated by background readings:

ALA/RUSA program papers on the future of reference (2002)

Preferred Futuring Technique for Reference (VRD Presentation 2004)

Reference Questions in the Library of The Future (9/30/05, Chronicle of Higher Ed)Access via IRIS or Ejounrals page [I will email this to you all in the next message]

Future of Reference Services (Lankes presentation)

Virtual Reference and More

Issues related to virtual reference and general standards and behaviors for all types of reference service were explored.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/psc/minutes/pscmin_05_11.shtml
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