Minutes of January 26, 2006 Meeting

Grace Agnew (recorder), Susan Beck, Jeanne Boyle (chair), Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner (guest), Bonita Grant, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Bob Sewell, Eileen Stec, Chris Sterback (guest)

1. AULs Report – Jeanne Boyle (added after the meeting)

Jeanne has nearly completed forming search and recruitment committees for the new information technology development librarian position and the imaging services supervisor. Jeris Cassel, Myoung Wilson, Gayle Stein, and Theo Haynes have agreed to serve on the librarian search committee. One more member is being sought.

OIRT is hunting for funding for RefWorks. They are developing a software funding model in consultation with deans.

A credit card working group met to review what actions we need to take to accept credit cards for fines and lost books, events, deposit accounts, and community borrower cards. The group includes Shaun Ellis, Sam McDonald, Darryl Voorhees, Judy Gardner, Lucye Millerand, and Jeanne. Members are developing requirements needed to develop our storefront. Integration with Sirsi ecommerce initiatives will be discussed with systems.

Ryan Womack is chairing a working group that is reviewing LibData. Members are Sam McDonald, Shaun Ellis, Natalie Borisovets, and Karen Hartman. The charge is available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/libdata/charge.shtml

Forty individuals attended the Council's forum on undergraduate education. Notes from the forum will be reviewed at a future meeting.

Jeanne has been invited to discuss information literacy with Grace Bulaong, NJCU, and Davida Scharf, NJIT. The scaffolded plan at NJCU is published as an appendix in the Middle States report on information literacy. The meeting will take place in February.

Director's Station – Demonstration and Overview (Chris Sterback and Judy Gardner)

Chris Sterback provided a PowerPoint presentation on the SIRSI product, Director's Station. Director's Station is a software application residing on a separate server that provides a web- based graphical front-end to SIRSI Unicorn data, allowing registered users to run reports, combine and analyze data, and compare data according to parameters, such as user type, time, and date, type of material, etc. SIRSI Unicorn data is provided to Director's Station nightly, so Director's station is at least one day out of date, but use of Director's Station does not impact daily workflow, since reports and analyses are not being run on live data. Director's Station can be used to uncover trends, provide comparative and referential analysis, perform calculations on the fly, model “what if” predictive scenarios, and establish standard and customized reports through a graphical “drag and drop” interface. Email alerts can be set based on certain parameters, such as when a fund account falls below a certain threshold. Data can be displayed in table, chart, or graphical formats. Reports can be easily transferred to Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Director's Station supports ten simultaneous users. It works well with Internet Explorer and Netscape, but there are some issues with Firefox. A session times out after thirty minutes of activity, to free a seat for another simultaneous user. If you are timed out, you will lose your work. Unicorn data available for Director's Station Analysis is transaction data from July 2001 forward and cataloging and acquisitions data from the beginning.

Judy Gardner then demonstrated some reports useful to access services. Currently, the Director's Station team is demoing the product to Councils and selected groups through March, with targeted training to selected groups scheduled for later in the spring semester. Logins will be provided at the training sessions.

Public Services projects requiring technology support (Jeanne Boyle)

Jeanne distributed a chart of public services projects requiring technology support and asked that PSC members prioritize them for Cabinet review. Priorities are A, B, and C, with A representing high priority and C representing nice to have but later on. After some discussion, it was agreed that each member would send a prioritized list to Jeanne by the following Friday. Jeanne will then collate and tabulate the results to send out, with possible discussion at the next PSC meeting.

Organizational Restructuring (Marianne Gaunt)

Marianne joined PSC to provide an overview of proposed organizational restructuring and to invite questions and comment. She stated that our organizational restructuring should reflect a user- centered approach and referenced a presentation at ALA by Susan Nutter (NCSU) and Karen Wittenborg (UVa) about agile libraries that are able to quickly adapt to changing user needs. Many changes represent new directions and risk and require a decision at the top and not always consensus among all the participants. She highlighted changes affecting Collection Services and Access Services—both of which are systemwide activities. The reorganization is intended to clarify and formalize the systemwide role of both departments, for distributed technical services and access services across all three campuses, to identify economies of scale, redundancies, and to add consistency and a streamlined approach to all processes. Marianne talked about the AUL for Instruction and Research Services position, which would have managerial oversight for Access Services, the AUL for Planning and Organizational Research, which will take responsibility for a number of significant services, including assessment, to make us a more thoughtful, "data driven" organization, as well as to address some significant areas such as copyright and legislative affairs. An AUL for Financial and Administrative Services would be hired for personnel and budget issues. The AUL for Collection Development will assume responsibility for systemwide preservation, with the assistance of Farideh Tehrani, in her two-year role for preservation planning and coordination, and Ian Bogus. Collection Services and the Scholarly Communication Center will report to the AUL for Digital Library Systems. A new area, Facilities Planning and Development, will be managed by Francoise Puniello, who will also be the associate AUL for Instruction and Research Services. Communications and Development will report to Marianne. We will probably create a new office and new title for this area and strengthen our approach before the new university-wide capital campaign gets underway.

In response from questions, Marianne noted that Camden and Newark faculty and staff who participate in systemwide activities will not have a direct reporting line to positions like the AUL for I&RS but will continue to have the dotted line reporting that they already have. This will not change. We need to have stronger recognition of systemwide and team activities in standard evaluation and promotion processes such as P4P, FASIP, etc. Over time, the library faculty will want to evaluate the usefulness of the Council structure with regard to the reorganization.

PSC members raised questions about the role of New Brunswick as opposed to the other campuses, given that the AUL for I&RS will have direct oversight of New Brunswick librarians. Marianne re-iterated that Camden and Newark faculty will be as active in setting systemwide goals, policies, and services as ever, with the difference that the AUL will now have direct reporting faculty and staff as well as those who participate in systemwide activities via dotted line reporting. She also noted that the New Brunswick faculty preferred to have a director for the New Brunswick Libraries and have expressed concerns about whether support for the unique needs of the New Brunswick campus will be lost, since this position is not precisely the equivalent of the directors for the Camden and Newark libraries. After much consideration, it was simply too confusing and redundant to have a New Brunswick director, since the administrators this person would want to have access to are the persons who are colleagues and the manager of the director of libraries. It simply doesn't work, which is also reflected by the fact that comparative organizations don't have a separate library director for the main campus.

There will be an open meeting after the March 3 library faculty meeting to discuss the reorganization.

Round Robin (All)

Jeanne noted that ALA Midwinter was the best ALA conference she has attended in several years.

Grace Agnew noted that she and Jane Sloan are representing the libraries on the VALE media committee and that a proposal to participate in a streaming media test bed will be forthcoming.

Ann Montanaro mentioned that the Electronic Resource Access and Integration Task Force met to define needs and expectations for OpenURL, electronic resource management (ERM), and federated searching.

Susan Beck mentioned that the General Resources collection development team provided their recommendations to Collection Development Council. Encyclopedia Britannica was not included in the recommendation. The team reviewed the product and had significant concerns.

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