Minutes of February 23, 2006 Meeting

Susan Beck and Bonita Grant
Francoise Puniello
Michael Joseph attending for Bonita Grant:

1. AUL Report - Boyle

a. Based on the priority rankings assigned by PSC members, Jeanne has compiled the list of "Services Under Development or Desired That Require Technology Support Sorted by Rank."

b. Jersey Clicks

Will probably require a barcode login. IP recognition fails once you advance into the database.

Had originally recommended that all Jersey Clicks databases be added to our Indexes and Databases menu. However, some of the databases are designed for K-8 populations and aren't really appropriate.

c. Announcements

2006 Public Services Recommendations Log should be on the staff pages later today [http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/psc/reports/rec_log-ay2006.pdf]

Marianne Sweet, Project Coordinator for Q&ANJ, will be coming to the March PSC meeting to talk about Q&ANJ and possible Rutgers participation.

The 4th "Reference Service in the 21st Century" Symposium will take place at Columbia on March 10th. A number of Rutgers librarians will be attending.

There will be a videoconference later today with LinkSource and Google Scholar. We need to understand how Google Scholar is dealing with LinkSource.

Jeanne is looking at setting up a group to examine difference ways that we can communicate within the Libraries.

2. Access Services Committee Subgroup Purpose Statements - Gardner

As a result of new intercampus membership, the Subgroup purpose statements have been rewritten.

Discussion: Should there also be an Information Services Subgroup?

All the New Brunswick libraries except for LSM integrate Access staff into their Reference meetings.

Discussion: What should be the distribution of Subgroup minutes?

Service standards are being written up; Judy will share these with PSC.

3. RLG/OCLC Reference & Interlibrary Loan Working Group Final Report, November 1, 2002 - Boyle


Discussion: Do we feel the conclusions are still valid, or do we need to revisit?

In line with the need for projected budget cuts, Technical Services will probably stop cataloging on RLG in the coming year, and also proposes to eliminate the search account (i.e., RLG membership).

Reference and Interlibrary Loan RLIN searching is very different from that done in Technical Services; RLG SHARES is a vital component of our Interlibrary Loan services. OCLC alone would not meet public service needs.

4. Douglass and Kilmer Libraries Development - Puniello

Shared: Executive Summary of The Kilmer Library: A Collaborative Learning Center [http://www.nbl.rutgers.edu/nblfaculty/nblfaculty_documents/Kilmer_Vision_with_preface.htm]

Update: Media Department has not yet moved from Kilmer to Douglass so that space is not available, nor has the project moved on to the priority list.

Shared: Douglass Library Multimedia Resources Laboratory concept document http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/douglass/d21/concept.htm#MRL

This is part of the D21 concept document.

Update: Donor offered to fund, so going forward. Going to focus on audio first, will begin with about 12 stations. Offering facilities, will not be responsible for training on software.

5. Undergraduate Education Open Forum Debriefing

Jeanne distributed the notes on the questions/discussion points from the January 11th forum.

Next Steps:

nxb 3/21/06

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