Minutes of March 23, 2006 Meeting

Grace, Agnew, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle (Chair & Recorder), Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner, Bonita Grant, Martin Kesselman, Ann Montanaro, Kevin Mulcahy, Bob Sewell, Eileen Stec
Susan Beck

1. Q and A NJ Marianne Sweet, Guest

Marianne Sweet, Project Coordinator for Q and A NJ, gave an overview of the statewide service and demonstrated new software that came live just this past weekend. She reviewed in particular the academic queue, its relation to the public queue, how free lance librarians and backup services extend the service to 24/7, and planned future enhancements. She showed both the public and staff side of the software. Given that reference is a core service, that Q and A NJ may give us a way to work smarter by achieving economies of scale, and that Q and A NJ is an opportunity to follow our users into their digital world, the Council decided to pursue participation. Natalie Borisovets, Marty Kesselman, and Jeanne Boyle will negotiate terms of participation with Q and A NJ management.

2. AUL Update Jeanne Boyle

Continuous education has requested expanded library services for continuous education students, budget forecasts are grim for next year, a call for participation in an internal communications task force will be issued this week, and library security was suggested as a topic for the Council to consider. Council members recommended that Cabinet discuss library security.

3. Columbia Reference Symposium Jeris Cassel and Marty Kesselman

Over 100 librarians from the Ivies plus group attended this all day symposium. Marty and Jeris reported on the presentations, particularly the keynote address by Joan Lippincott, and the poster sessions. They passed around poster session descriptions. The overall theme seemed to be librarians as entrepreneurs. Lippincott described trends, including working with faculty on their research and teaching and working with next generation students. Instructional services are expanding, and libraries are developing innovative spaces. There was a call for more open workstations for multi-media needs. To transform service style we need to look at how units are structured. Poster session topics included clinical librarianship and librarians in the classroom. There was a call for a new style of instruction that is integrated into the research process. The possibility of a lunchtime seminar was discussed.

4. Films Media Group Proposal Grace Agnew

The Collection Development Council and Cabinet have agreed to participate in a trial of a package of 50 films for streaming video being sponsored by VALE and NJEDge. Grace Agnew and Jane Sloan are members of the planning committee. Grace distributed a background document and reviewed the timeline for implementation, collections, costs, quality options, software, a VALE IMLS grant for a video portal for the state, and that the project will be testing the robustness of delivery across campus. The Public Services Council will have the responsibility of introducing the service to the public, which will take place this summer. Grace asked how well the service will be received, and council members commented that demand is more often received from students rather than faculty. Jeanne asked Council members to consider how the Council will fulfill its responsibility for discussion at the April meeting. She will contact Jane Sloan for her advice.

5. Podcast / iTunes Demonstration Eileen Stec

Eileen demonstrated how to use iTunes to download a Podcast onto an iPod. The Council received the information with interest. Eileen will continue to explore this technology. She also demonstrated how multimedia files could be incorporated into the Sirsi reserve desk. Judy Gardner and Ann Montanaro explained impact on the university network, i.e., media on the reserve desk has made the Libraries the top talker on the university network.

6. Round Robin Everyone

Kevin Mulcahy announced that the Alexander Undergraduate Computer Lab opened Monday.

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