Minutes of August 24, 2006 Meeting

Susan Beck, recorder, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel, Jeanne Boyle (guest), Judy Gardner, Kevin Mulcahy, Ann Montanaro, Francoise Puniello, Bob Sewell, Mary Beth Weber (guest)

AUL Update

Public Service Input into RLG Questionnaire. Mary Beth Weber, guest.

Background. RUL is filling out a questionnaire which concerns how we would like our records to display in the merged RLG/OCLC database.

PSC made the following recommendations:

Banning Letters and User Conduct and Security Policy - Jeanne Boyle, guest, brought the revised User Conduct and Security document to the PSC. This document will be part of PSPM #1. It can be used to help all library staff enforce policies when there are problems in the libraries. Banning letters were described. These letters will only be issued to non Rutgers affiliated users by the respective campus security. The Banning Letters, based on approval from the University Counsel, permits the arrest of banned individuals for trespassing in accordance with the provisions of NJ Statute 2C:18-3. The Council accepted the use of the Banning Letters.

REF Works, Jeanne Boyle and Francoise Puniello, OIRT has purchased REF Works. The Library will not be responsible for training users, although we will integrate the product into our instruction sections as an available product for Users. Ref Works training will be provided to faculty and students by the Center for Advancement of Teaching in New Brunswick. Arrangements for training on other campuses is still in progress. Initial training sessions will be scheduled for librarians only possibly in late October or November. All librarians are encouraged to attend these important training sessions, as we will obviously be getting many questions about the product. There is a good tutorial for working with REFworks available on their website until the official training begins. The timetable on announcing this product is yet uncertain.

Update on Federated Searching. Ann Montanaro.

Background: To keep us up-to-date on this new and important service. We have purchased Serial Solution's Central Search from Sirsi for federated searching. A demonstration of Central Search will be ready in late fall. This product will work on major databases by subject areas.

Ann also reminded the group about problems with Article Linker searching.

Brainstorming on the concept of forming an information services committee. Françoise Puniello.

Background: Do we need a group which discusses system-wide new paradigms in reference service, studies how we provide services, etc. similar in concept to the Instructional Services Committee.

The Council felt that this discussion was premature considering the current reorganization process. This will be an ongoing discussion.


Kevin discussed changes in hours, goodbye parties, orientations and impact of reduced funding of the approval plan.

Natalie discussed changes in service hours, and impact of new Newark dorm, reduced faculty and classes impact.

Jeris discussed service hours, public services announcement film on the libraries, Searchpath revisions, and upcoming orientations.

Judy made some access services announcements

Bob distributed a list of databases targeted for cancellations

Ann reminded us all that RedLightGreen was going to be discontinued in the fall by RLG.

Susan discussed service hours, the idea of subscribing to the VALE Offered FREE Book Review Index.

Process Check. Review of today

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