Minutes of December 18, 2006 Meeting

Agnew; Au; Beck; Borisovets; Cassel; J. Gardner; Hartman; Joseph; Montanaro, recorder; Mulcahy; Puniello, chair; Sewell

1. Rhonda Marker, chair of the User Services and Applications Working Group for the repository demonstrated the initial RUcore screens, faculty submission form, and searched the repository. Rucore.libraries.rutgers.edu/ PSC members agreed that there should be a link to RUcore from the gray navigation bar directly under IRIS. The User Services committee will identify other interior pages where links should be added and prepare the wording for those pages.

2. Ben Meyers from Compendium Library Services demonstrated Reference Desk Tracker via the web. It is a management tool to track reference or other service desk activity and to display and export reports. It is being used at SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Albany and costs about $1995/year.

3. Susan Beck showed screens from Penn's Data Farm. It is designed to capture reference activity that takes place away from the desk. Before any software is considered, discussion is needed to review what is collected now, what is needed/desired, and what information is requested from outside agencies.

4. Announcements. Michael Joseph announced that Special Collections will be open on Mondays during second semester. Bob Sewell and Jim Niessen attended an ARL/ACRL Scholarly Communication Seminar and will report on it at a later meeting.

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