Minutes of March 25, 2007 Meeting

Grace Agenw,Natalie Borisovets, Ann Montanaro, James Nettleman, Robert Sewell, Eileen Stec, Françoise Puniello(chair), Martin Kesselman (secretary)

1. Branding of RUL

Harry Glazer and John Brennan came to PSC to discuss how they are developing a brand for RUL by finding a consensus of our strongest points. There was some free form brainstorming of words that represent RUL. Harry handed out a listing of the terms that have come up at other groups. After winnowing the list to 3-5 terms/concepts, Harry and John will make a recommendation to Cabinet. Some PSC members brought up the fact that asking us what terms represent RUL is insufficient; it is also important to talk to library users.

2. Food and Nutrition Business Information and Communication course and grant

Marty Kesselman and Andrew Ruggiero reviewed the gestation of the grant, the course being offered this semester, the use of Sakai and other tools, and some of what has been learned.

3. Douglass Digital Directory

Kayo Denda and Andrew Ruggiero presented the use of a relational database so that all the information on Douglass staff can be found in one place. Grace noted that Ron Jantz and Sam MacDonald are leading a new webservices unit under Grace Agnew. Grace has suggested that the webservices unit is where a directory service such as this should be developed so that it can be RUL-wide. It was noted that Douglass Library could be the first site to test such a service. Grace is also investigating how directory services can be used with RU-CORE and web 2.0 implementation.

4. Public Use of Computers

Francoise and Roger Smith spoke to the Chief of Rutgers police about security issues and the hope that security cameras will be added to many library sites. Discussion ensued about limiting public access to computers in staffed areas in each library. Ann Montanaro said that Systems could address concerns of access issues related to RU-affiliates such as UMDNJ at LSM, NJIT users at Dana and Rowan users at Robeson, by having a secondary login beyond the Net ID and password. Françoise will bring these suggestions to Cabinet.

5. Chat Reference Discussion

There seemed to be agreement that we should have a chat service at RUL given the decreased use of reference desks and increased use of remote services. Several options were raised such as providing chat during reference hours at the desk, but it was pointed out, that the desk hours may not fit the use of the libraries by our users. We could consider using a chat service outside of the reference desks or joining Q&A NJ. Standard chat services are limited in functionality whereas Question Point, (used by Q&A NJ) provides for co-browsing, saving transcripts, and pushing webpages. It was also suggested that individual librarians might hold office hours on the web, possibly via Sakai. Françoise is appointing a task force to make recommendations via a chat service. Marty Kesselman, Natalie Borisovets, Michael Joseph, and Kevin Mulcahy all volunteered to serve on the task force and Françoise may appoint one or two others.

6. Announcements

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Kesselman,

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