Minutes of April 26, 2007 Meeting

G.Agnew, K.Au, N.Borisovets, J.Cassel, J.Gardner, M.Joseph, M.Kesselman, A.Montanaro, K.Mulcahy, J.Nettleman (via vidoeconference), F.Puniello, R.Sewell, E.Stec.

1. AUL Update

a. The IT liaisons reported lower use of campus computer labs this year. Council members disputed that claim by citing observations of high demand and usage of labs in the Libraries, and requested actual usage statistics.

b. A committee will be formed to look into virtual reference services.

c. Reporting back from Cabinet, F.Puniello stated that, in principle, Cabinet approved the use of NetID authentication for public access PCs. The PC Working Group will be charged with selecting an appropriate mechanism for implementing this policy.

2. Publications.

After reviewing our publication portfolio, Council selected one title that will no longer be distributed in print format. Also, Council felt that the publication "Explore, Discover, Learn" was an important one to keep and that it needed to be updated, with the help of H.Glazer.

3. Where to put Citation Linker on our web pages.

This service, part of the A-Z Electronic Journals List software, is currently accessible from the page: "How do I ... get my article?" As the first in a projected series of messages featuring library resources and services, A.Montanaro will send email to RUL_Everyone about Citation Linker and where to find it.

4. Second Life.

M.Kesselman presented an overview of some aspects of the Second Life virtual world. He also provided the rationale for RUL involvement, especially in developing various library services for a virtual Library of Science and Medicine. Discussion ensued on the use of virtual reality for library services. F.Puniello and G.Agnew will charge an ad-hoc committee to explore possibilities.

5. Exploration and Discussion of the Expansion of Offerings on Public Terminals.

Recognizing the limitations of the smaller libraries without computer labs, Council recommended that Microsoft Word be provided on selected public access PCs. A pilot project will begin at Chang in the fall, and flash drives will be made available there.

6. Issues with the way Factiva and LexisNexis Academic URLs work from IRIS Records.

A.Montanaro clarified that no direct linking to individual publications on Factiva and LexisNexis Academic are currently possible. Council recommended that a note (e.g. "Title available within database") be added to the IRIS records for those publications; recommendation will be referred to IPAC.

K.Mulcahy requested that the MARC records that accompanied the acquisition of ECCO should be loaded on to IRIS. G.Agnew will check with R.Marker on this possibility and on the available of similar MARC records for StatBase (requested by M.Kesselman).

7. Announcements.

A.Montanaro: There are some inherent problems with Serials Solutions records loaded into IRIS.

J.Nettleman: Robeson Library will undergo a renovation of the Reference Area, with an expansion of the OIT Lab.

E.Stec: The NJLA/ACRL Research Award went to L.Mullen and K.Hartman.

J.Gardner: Rose Barbalace, student supervisor in Alexander Library, won the University's 'Student Supervisor of the Year' award.

8. Process Check

Respectfully submitted,
Ka-Neng Au

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