Minutes of May 24, 2007 Meeting

F.Puniello (chair), N.Borisovets (recorder), J.Gardner, M.Kesselman, K.Mulcahy, A.Montanaro, J.Nettleman, E.Stec
G.Agnew, K.Au, J.Cassel, M.Joseph, B.Sewell

1. AUL Report (Puniello)

Task Forces:


Center for Research Libraries

MINES for Libraries

2. Goal Setting

Identification of next year's goals within the context of the long-range plan.

Category: Academic Excellence

Strategic Goal 1: Improve the quality of scholarly resources and information services that support the advancement of academic excellence at Rutgers.

Goal: Adopt or develop tools that provide easy, seamless reliable, and convenient access to both online and traditional scholarly resources, wherever they are located, such as cross- database searching, link resolvers, and citation software. (Primary)


Goal: Address information competency standards for students through information literacy materials, services, and programs in partnership with the teaching faculty (Primary)


Goal: Develop services that facilitate scholarly communication and support the research in process among researchers at Rutgers (Primary)


Goal: Enhance the reciprocal partnerships, including collaboration with UMDNJ and NJIT, that provide Rutgers faculty and students seamless access to collections outside the university. (Primary)


Goal: Continuously improve services by utilizing assessment and accountability indicators that measure needs and impact (Primary)


Category: Students and Campuses

Strategic Goal II: Enhance the effectiveness of library services for students and the development of library facilities as learning spaces

Goal: Focus on upgrading the maintenance and physical library environment, so that all libraries are welcoming, comfortable, safe and secure, and easy to navigate. (Secondary)


Goal: Expand wireless availability and the number of public access computers across the libraries. (Secondary)


Category: Service and Constituency Relations

Strategic Goal III: Improve awareness of the resources, services, facilities, and support available to all of the Libraries' constituencies

Goal: Collaborate with university programs and offices to enhance communication about services and resources (Primary)


Goal: Use our participation and leadership in collaborative statewide and regional initiates, such as VALE and PALCI, to develop additional tools to share resources and services (Primary)


Category: Resources for Rutgers

Strategic Goal IV: Increase the Libraries' resources to the levels of peer AAU public universities and manage those resources more strategically and efficiently

Goal: Partner with university and campus offices in ways that leverage the resources of each organization to support new research methodologies and new ways of teaching and learning. (Primary)


3. Free Article Delivery Proposal (Gardner)

The Access Services Committee is recommending that RUL begin to offer free article delivery from our collections to Rutgers users on all campuses via ILLiad. (Proposal attached).


Is the ILLiad document delivery component robust enough to handle such a service?

Is there redundant scanning capability in New Brunswick?
There is no likelihood of additional equipment this year; Imaging Services will serve as the backup resource for the service. New Canon photocopies will also be configured for document delivery scanning at some sites.

The proposal assumes the removal of a copy request link from IRIS; can the link to the ILLiad forms be available from within IRIS as well?

Can the forms be populated directly from the federated search resolver?
Yes. Will investigate for later implementation.

Would it make more sense to implement the use of ILLiad for ILL first and wait six months before adding the internal document delivery component?
Access Services would recommend starting everything at the same time. ILLiad document delivery is very robust and allows for a much more integrated and streamlined service. There seems to be no reason to wait.

Will the added volume in New Brunswick affect the delivery time between the remote campuses?
The goal is to make sure that that does not happen. The proposal includes plans for dealing with the anticipated increased volume. It asks for the transfer of funding for voucher staff who currently evaluate and route "Request Article/Other" forms from TSB to Interlibrary Loan Services, and identifies strategies for dealing with increases in requests beyond that.


PSC enthusiastically endorsed the proposal. Francoise will take it to Cabinet. If approved, Judy will suggest Imaging Services contact departments with open deposit accounts and ask if they are willing to donate the remaining funds to implement the new process.

4. Announcements:

5. Next Meeting:

Eileen, Judy and Jeris will report on the Futures conference.

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