Minutes of August 23, 2007 Meeting

Valeda Dent (chair), Caryn Radick, Grace Agnew, Robert Sewell, Ann Montanaro, Judy Gardner, Jackie Mardikian, Natalie Borosoviets, Ka-Neng Au, Susan Beck (recorder)
  1. Introductions were made as the new semester began and as this is the first meeting with our new AUL Valeda Dent.
  1. The agenda was rearranged.
  1. Review of Lexis/Nexis and Factiva memo from Stephanie Bartz. The council approved the recommended IPAC wording for these links and the item was remanded to Tech Services to implement in the catalog. This will be taken forward by Grace Agnew.
  1. Review of Gayle Stein memo This issue was deferred to a later time giving the AUL the time and opportunity to further investigate the ramifications of the request.
  1. Election of a representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee Valeda will contact the elected members of the Council to determine who will represent the council on the Planning and Coordinating Committee.
  1. Future conference report (Eileen, Judy, Jeris) Judy Gardner gave an interesting report on her attendance at this meeting. ( Jeris and Eileen were not in attendance at this meeting)
  1. Review of PSC goals for the year. There was a lively discussion about this topic. Concerns were voiced about the lack of measurable goals in the document. The goal setting process was also discussed for the benefit of the new members to the council. In conclusion, the document will be submitted as it was written, in hopes that once the document is submitted to cabinet, we will receive guidance on which items they consider to be our priorities. Once the document is passed through cabinet we hope to focus on four or five items for the year.
  1. Review of statistics issue Valeda felt it was premature for her to make a decision on this issue now. Members the council lacked sufficient understanding as to what were the intended outcomes. Valeda will contact Jeanne Boyle with these concerns so that we may better understand the type of response she is looking for and make sure we are contributing positively to this process. However looking at past minutes, this issue was discussed, please see the minutes of the June 28, 2007 meeting for reference to previous discussions.
  1. New Business - on behalf of WAC, Au brought forth the issue of the need for greater visibility of the My Account link on our home page. After discussion and visual demonstrations, we instructed Au that it would be a great service to our user community to have greater visibility of the link.. The link will be placed on the top black bar on the right hand side of our page.

Minutes prepared by Susan Beck.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/psc/minutes/pscmin_07_08.shtml
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