Minutes of March 27, 2008 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Susan Beck, Valeda Dent (chair), Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Jim Niessen (guest), Eileen Stec, Bob Warwick (guest)

1. AUL Report

Valeda distributed the following report with the agenda via email:

2. Searchlight

Jim Niessen distributed a document on thoughts, suggestions, and questions on the prominence, strengths, weaknesses, use, and teaching of Searchlight to begin the discussion. Bob Warwick noted that the selection of databases is based on functionality with Searchlight and on the subject lists. The group agreed that an examination of usage statistics, search logs, and how it is being incorporated into instruction is needed for further discussion of Searchlight.

3. Security Protocol

Rebecca Gardner raised issues of security and procedures in the event of an emergency across the university. What is the message the university will send to cell phones? What are the procedures in the event of an emergency at the University? Who is responsible in the library buildings? Susan Beck noted that the Campus Police gave a two-hour informative presentation in Camden that included guidelines on what to do in a lockdown situation. Consensus was that the RUL Health and Safety Committee should look into the matter. Valeda will make contact with the committee and with Marianne on arranging presentations for New Brunswick and Newark.

4. Research/User Behaviors Group (CLIR Workshop information)

This agenda item was postponed to allow time for discussion on strategies for dealing with budget crisis. Valeda will provide documentation for the April meeting.

5. Springshare's LibGuides

This agenda item was postponed to allow time for discussion on strategies for dealing with budget crisis.

6. Budget

The extent of the budget cut ranging from 5%-10% will not be known until June 30. In reviewing areas where cuts can be made, what should be off-limits? Consensus was that cutting building hours did not offer significant savings. Questions were raised on having an across the board cut when there is a minimal budget for Public Services. There was consensus that the group needed to know the Public Services budget areas to make informed suggestions and recommendations. Valeda agreed to provide the budget figures for Public Services via email. A preliminary strategic approach suggested was providing better software for reference chat for handling reference and reducing reference desk hours.

7. Next Meeting - April 24, 2008

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