Minutes of August 28, 1997 Meeting [SACOPS]

S. Beck, B. Beede, N. Borisovets, J. Boyle, B. Grant, L. Maman, J. Mardikian, P. Page

Jeanne Boyle reported that Marianne Gaunt had negotiated favorably with RLG and that we would be bringing up the entire RLG On-Line Data Resource Package. A database list was distributed. Every year we negotiate public and technical services costs with RLG. Systems estimated that our costs for RLIN this year would be lower due to having the new IRIS. RLG is offering a new linked resources package that includes all CitaDel files along with RLIN. The price difference for this year between continuing the same four databases we had last year and the new linked package is only $2,000, and all of it is still less than what we paid last year. So, we will have the bigger list this year. the package includes five simultaneous users. Jeanne will look into the feasibility and cost of increasing that number. Ann will inform everyone when the files are available.

Jeanne received a notice about an OCLC FirstSearch sale and documentation and asked about our status. Ann Montanaro said that we purchased 500 blocks last year, and no one was concerned about running out.

Jeanne shared a framework she drafted for her startup as an AUL. One of the items: empowering our customers, led to a discussion about terms we use for our users/patrons/readers and their differing connotations. Reference was made to an article in the August issue of American Libraries that also listed "members" as a possibility.

Jeanne reported from Cabinet that the SCC has become a library location in IRIS, there will be discussion about appropriate terminal use, and a VALE mission statement draft would be received and shared. Jeanne then asked the group to consider how best to share information, what information should be shared, and communications generally. The preferred method of communication is electronic; and there was interest in establishing a web page on which policies, reports, minutes, and the like could be accessed. Minutes could be mounted on the page and an availability note sent via e-mail. Jeanne will share important decisions and information from Cabinet and other meetings as they occur before waiting for official minutes distribution. Liberal information sharing by everyone is encouraged.

Housekeeping matters decided were: meetings will normally start at 9:30 am; the location will rotate, with one meeting being held in Camden and one in Newark each year; coffee, tea, and plain water are needed; bagels are preferred; secretarial duties will rotate, with Jeanne beginning.

Meetings for the fall semester will be held as follows:

September 25 - Camden - 9:30 am
October 23 - Newark - 9:30 am
November 25 - NB - 9:30 am
December 17 - NB - 1:30 pm

Jeanne asked for memory about outstanding issues or projects. Identified at the meeting were: CU-SeeMe, a policy for appropriate terminal use, use of Windows 95 Ariel for delivery to professors' desktops. Ben Beede and Judy Gardner gave background on the CU-SeeMe project and expressed continued readiness to carry out the proposed test . Peripherals and software have been purchased, but two workstations are still needed. They must be available for testing for two weeks in a RUCS lab. Jeanne will work to identify this equipment. Various articles and web sites that give background for the terminal use issue were given, including an article from LJ that Jeanne will get and distribute and www.ci.oswego.or.us/library/pol-st.htm. It was noted that RUCS has an acceptable use policy.

IRIS/Systems updates were:

We had planned on turning off the old IRIS mid-September, but Jeanne raised concern about faculty who may too busy the first two weeks of the fall semester to grasp that there is a new IRIS. Ann Montanaro has sent Geac a 90-day notice, and there is a note on the web page giving mid-September as the end date. Is that enough time? It was agreed that the note should stand, but a good Lynx display is needed before shut down. The final target date for shut down of the old Geac should be no later than the end of September. Ann noted that she hopes not to fix any Geac breakdown. Individuals accessing the old Geac after shut down will receive a message similar to the referral note now posted when IRIS is accessed via a telnet session. There cannot be a hot link forward because the old Geac is not web-based.

Ann reported that Windows 95 implementation is planned for between the first and second semesters. Changing pins will be available as a self service in release 9.2, which is going into beta test in October. So, this feature will not be available until after October. No year is displaying for serials because in Geac this information is in a year field which is not in Unicorn. Serial are not necessarily sorting in order. They sort by an autogenerated call number assigned by Unicorn.

Jackie Mardikian raised a question about the sort of results after a keyword search. She will direct the question to Harriet Hemmasi and share the answer with SACOPS members.

The date due is not displaying, and a plus to this is that it will encourage recalls for books that have been charged out for a long time.

There was concern that the status on a record is "checked out" even if only one of four copies held is out. This is a user education issue.

A note posted on RUL-LIS asked for guidance from SACOPS on assigning copy numbers. Ann explained that copy numbers were reassigned by Unicorn on a systemwide basis and must now be assigned that way. What number should be used when adding the next copy of a title? Should all books be renumbered? It was agreed that copy numbers should be assigned within Unicorn but not put on the physical volumes. Books should not be relabeled. Barcodes will serve as the unique identifier for public service use. We will disaggregate our thinking from copy numbers.

Judy reported that notices for recalls are delayed, resulting in a delay in processing and turn around of these materials. As a result, we must all be forgiving and understanding about fines.

Natalie Borisovets warned that one can get tripped up in an exact title search if the subtitle is used. Since the subtitle is not being indexed, if you do an "Exact" title search and enter the title with the subtitle, the title will not be found.

Judy reported that circulation brochures were being revised and would be available soon.

Jeanne distributed master copies of two new brochures: one for searching composed by the OPAC public interface implementation committee and the ERC and one about access innovations composed by Judy Gardner. The searching brochure must be copied at the units until a central supply is available. Central will provide copies of the access innovations bookmark.

Ann reported that overdue notices have been mailed. We will work towards e-mail notices.

The long range planning process that is about to begin was discussed, and work began on a statement that could be shared with the other SAC's and the Planning Committee at a proposed joint meeting. Results will be compiled in a separate statement that can be further refined via e-mail. Jeanne shared information about the developing membership of the steering committee. It was suggested that the joint meeting be a whole day retreat on a Thursday in September.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle
Secretary du Jour

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