Minutes of March 26, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck, Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Susan Goodman, Harriet Hemmasi, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Stan Nash, Penny Page, Thelma Tate


JEB felt that time limits were constraining when preparing agenda; will have to see how this works in practice.


The VALE decision on SiteSearch is very close. PsycLit will not be part of the package; only three databases are being proposed across the board. RUL is staying mostly with Ovid for indexes. SiteSearch has dropped the cost of their search engine; they will also provide a lot of training at no extra cost. JEB will begin looking at the equipment parts of the VALE proposal.

The material for orientation of transfer students in New Brunswick has been passed along to K. Mulcahy and the Instructional Services group for follow-up. There are two volunteers thus far for the work group to revise the international students brochure; JM volunteered at this meeting.

JEB met with H. Hemmasi, M. Witteman, J. Cassel and P. Graham to discuss the relationship between the webpage and the catalog, especially regarding e-journals. Due to current cataloging practices, it is not possible to generate a single alphabetical list through Sirsi of all RUL e-journals. We need to do more on our webpage and investigate how other schools are handling this.

Distributed corrected version of SACOPS recommendation log. SN suggested adding a column on what action was taken for the recommendations.

Richard Luzier will speak at RUL on April 16, 2-4 p.m.; topic is "The California Digital Library." A flyer will be sent out soon.

JEB analyzed web statistics posted by D. Hoover. Summaries show big growth in use since last year. Most requests are from rutgers.edu addresses, although figures may be low since some commercial users may be RU folks connecting from home. If anyone needs any kind of statistical analysis like this, contact JEB. She will post URL where raw data can be found.

Received database use statistics courtesy B. Sewell. There was a drop in use of ICI databases in February. This coincided with Ovid Web implementation--some users may have had trouble connecting from off-site.



Looking at the configuration of the server on which Ovid is running. It is sometimes running at 100% capacity, which accounts for some of the slowness. Also, the PsycInfo configuration has caused problems; it limits by years first, thus causing very slow response time.

Systems will be restoring the licensing restrictions for our databases, so we will now be limited to our number of licensed users.

We may have to change the STATUS field in the catalog to reflect the sublocation. MARC holdings format requires use of this field, and the Sirsi re-write of the request function will also use this. The status would change to STACKS, REF, etc. when an item is in the library (no more IN-LIBRARY status) unless it is CHECKED-OUT.

System downtime has been rescheduled to Wed. and Thurs., 5/27-28. Will need both days to do necessary electrical work and moving of machines. There will be NO IRIS, indexes, Innopac, library webpages during this time. Announcement will be posted online.

To see update on Windows 95 installation project, go to Libraries webpage, under Libraries select TAS and then Systems.


Check the test catalog to see the revisions for default displays on books and serials.


SACOTAS has discussed the recommended changes in sublocation for electronic versions of materials. R. Gardner has noted that summary holdings statements for items that will change from CDPER to PER-COM will not be consistent with holdings portion of records. Holdings sublocations can be changed globally, but summary holdings (930 field) would have to be changed manually. All 1030 titles needing revision belong to Douglass or Kilmer. SACOPS members felt consistency between 930 and holdings was important and should be achieved, but this wasn't a high priority project. HH will check to see if we can change the 930 display to show the different formats more distinctly (on separate lines). Another problem occurs when electronic version of a title is added to a print record, but there are no items listed in the holdings portion. This situation occurs with Kilmer journal titles on CD-ROM. If a library has no items in the holdings portion, then no records will be retrieved if search is limited by library. Kilmer has already begun the process of adding dummy holdings for these titles.


Gave latest statistics on DDS turnaround time for New Brunswick. There were 477 book requests on RLIN with an average turnaround time of 12.8 days; for OCLC there were 160 book requests with turnaround time of 21.3 days. For copies there were 500 requests on RLIN with turnaround time of 11 days, and 92 on OCLC for 22 days. Things have greatly improved since we began using RLIN SHARES. Average cost comes to about $7.00/transaction.

Distributed instructions for checking status of ILL requests on RLIN. OCLC tracking is more difficult; contact DDS.

Getting occasional requests that are not true ILLs--e.g., journal editorial submission pages, tables of contents, etc., with no specific pages given. These get very low priority from DDS. Try to persuade patron to contact journal directly. Also, only one request per form; can't use same form to request pages from multiple issues of a journal.

Delivery of ILLs to Extension offices--Camden is already doing this, but we need system-wide guidelines. Books need to be charged to users before sending. Use US mail or UPS for books; send only to legitimate Extension offices or remote RU research institutes--not to individuals' offices or home addresses. Maybe this can be incorporated into online request form (add remote sites to pull-down menu). Service would be limited to people who work at these sites--not students. Use University mail service to send ILL articles. SACOPS agreed this should be done for Rutgers materials as well (via RRS); no $2.00 charge for copies. We will try to move in this direction for ILL for all RU users.


Cabinet has discussed the project report and wants to move forward with this; we will start in fall 1998 semester. We will need to see what additional equipment or software is needed and then look for funding. The Continuous Ed Office might be a source for this. There was some SACOPS discussion about what happens when a professor puts course materials on personal webpage. What is the RUL role in this? Do we link to these? Also, putting audio or video clips on e-reserve is a possibility.


Jackie suggested using the recommendation log as the basis for her SACOPS report at the next faculty meeting. She will distribute copies to all faculty and then will highlight some of the more significant items--e.g., e-journal holdings, workstation access and use, mediated searching.


JEB distributed copies of the model SACOPS had previously agreed to use. Discussion centered around how we should distribute questions to appropriate experts. Do we want a single person or a team to perform this screening/distribution function? The telephone reference model from the NB Information Services Group and the "Ask Col. Henry" service were discussed as possible models. Everyone agreed that we have all benefitted from seeing the questions and responses thus far. The majority still seem to be access services questions, so we should think about building a pool of qualified access services staff to handle these. SACOPS members agreed to revise previous model into three types of questions: library services (such as circulation, self-services, request service, etc.), connecting via computer, and subject research. Jeris Cassel said that WAC has been discussing this also, and she recommended that WAC and ERC meet jointly to come up with some models for this service. Approved by acclamation!


What impact will remote uesrs, such as those at the proposed Brookdale site, have on our collections and staff? AM also said there could be technical problems trying to authenticate these users so that they could access all library services on the web.

SACOPS identified the following remote users thus far: Brookdale Community College (RU students taking RU courses at Brookdale site, and also a continuing education short course); School of Business program at Atlantic City and forthcoming Gaming Institute; Newark School of Management program in Singapore; Newark School of Nursing classes being taught in Camden; Rowan and Camden County College students using Robeson Library (by official arrangement); NJIT users (various categories--some are Newark Dana Library users only, some get full RUL privileges). We have declined arrangements with University of Phoenix.

ARL published a Spec Kit in 1996 on library services for distance education. What are other institutions doing? Some libraries have a Continuing Education office to serve these users. If they are registered for Rutgers courses, then they really are primary borrowers. How will we provide primary borrower services to them? Also, what about people who register for continuing education (non-degree) programs offered by RU. What services should they have?

JEB will commission a small group to review this issue and come back with some suggestions. BB volunteered to serve on it. This would also be a good forum topic.


Draft report of the Long-Range Planning Steering Committee will be discussed at RUL faculty meeting Apr. 3. SB said that we will then need to revisit our priorities and start discussing how we want to make them happen. Should discuss at next SACOPS meeting.


NB-Dana is doing a training program for faculty who are computer illiterate. This is funded from a SROA grant, and there are 20 participants. The program covers a range of computer basics from equipment to software to the web. All participants get a new laptop; Dana gets $10,000. Despite some technical problems, the program is going well.

TT-The Diversity Committee has started a new literary series in conjunction with Rutgers Press. The focus is on writers dealing in some way with diversity. Iris Chang spoke to over 200 people on 3/21 about her book The Rape of Nanking, and LaVerne Gill appeared 3/25 at the SCC. Ron Becker will appear next month.

TF-Special Collections received funding from RLG to convert finding aids to html (2:1 match). Ron Becker got a grant from NHPRC to process some inter-American collections. The Electronic NJ project has entered its second phase; 20 teachers are working on digitizing materials. Topics include Paul Robeson, WWII, and NJ in the American Revolution.

SB-Camden County College and Rown are closing their libraries and have negotiated a deal for Robeson Library to serve them for the next five years. Robeson will get another reference librarian from this.

SN-Alexander has several open lines. The two lines for bibliographers/selectors are being treated as New Brunswick lines now, and the NB Collections Group has been asked for advice on how to fill.

Meeting adjourned 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page
Secretary du Jour

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