Minutes of August 27, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Jeanne Boyle, Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel, Ellen Calhoun, Judy Gardner, Penny Page, Thelma Tate, Ann Scholz-Crane, Susan Beck, Ellen Goodman.

1. Minutes and future meetings.

The July minutes were accepted as distributed. It was agreed that future meetings will rotate among campuses. Locations this fall are: September, New Brunswick; October, Camden; November, Newark. November and December dates will be the Wednesday before the holidays.

2. AUL report.

Jeanne Boyle and Judy Gardner visited the Brookdale site and have met with distance education staff at Rutgers. There are problems delivering our services to Brookdale. Some arise from licensing. IP addresses were to be given to RUCS, but that cannot be done because of licensing issues. Systems has begun an authentication process which will resolve many problems. These procedures may also be used for the Atlantic City site. Jeanne Boyle noted there is a paragraph on the Rutgers admission page for Western Monmouth. Susan Beck suggested RUCS establishing accounts might be the best approach. Judy Gardner said we could send library cards en bloc to site libraries. In passing, it should be noted that Rutgers students at distant sites do have library borrowing privileges at the campus libraries.

Copies of the international students guide were distributed and favorably commented upon. The fall 1998 workshop schedule has been completed and is going on the web page. A new library brochure is at the printers. A networked printing group (Jeanne Boyle, Francoise Puniello, Donna Cryan, Au, Samson Soong, and Gary Golden) is studying that issue.

The full Middle States accreditation report will be distributed to SACOPS members.

Among agenda items for the next SACOPS meeting will be the Renaissance Project (D21).

There have been two incidents of unfortunate messages from computers at Rutgers libraries. Jeanne Boyle explained why we do not have information on individual computer users.

3. Systems/LIS uploads.

Ann Montanaro chairs the LIS/PAC Committee. She noted there is a help button on every page of the PAC. Jeanne Boyle praised the PAC interface.

4. ILL and RRS update.

The initial volume of ILLs at Alexander was 59, 84, 88, 18, Monday through Thursday. No additional staff lines have been allocated to ILL service, but two will be shortly. In the meantime, Judy Gardner is putting all available staff resources into ILL work.

Thelma Tate asked about paper forms prepared by professors over the summer. Judy Gardner said librarians should urge users to enter requests electronically because handling paper forms will slow their requests. If a user is adament, then the forms will be accepted.

Ellen Calhoun said the timing of messages is a problem. Judy Gardner indicated this has been corrected. Using email as an interim or transitional measure will help until all ILL requests are placed online and information to users is made a part of self service.

Judy Gardner noted the new RRS forms with article request option confuse some users because the periodical title is not entered. A new brochure should reduce confusion.

It was noted Robeson users sometimes request microfilm reels or ERIC fiche. These sets should be cataloged, and a reel or fiche number can be indicated by the user. Susan Beck asked about requesting reference books. A librarian can authorize such a request by using the "additional information" field in the electronic request.

5. Patron tape load update.

Judy Gardner said that we plan to begin loading employee and student data from administrtive computers to the Unicorn user file late this semester. Addresses will be updated authomatically every week by data load from the university database. Students will be directed to the registrar's office to make address changes. The campus address is the post office box number for students.

Home addresses are used for Newark students. Camden uses post office boxes for undergraduates, but not graduate students.

A draft regarding address verification was distributed. When a bar code is requested, the student will be asked for an email address. The suggestion was made that the brochure should begin with a question, "Do we have your email address?" Administrative computing will supply email within a year.

Term loans are not given given to departmental honors students. This is not a problem because it is so easy to renew materials on IRIS. Students are encouraged to monitor their loan records. We will try to maintain terms loans for college honors students with data loads.

6. Ask a librarian.

Natalie Borisovets has assembled a team of 8 librarians and 8 circulation staff. The new system begins September 1st. A new "ask a librarian" page has been developed. One librarian and one circulation staff member is scheduled each day. Jeanne Boyle will ask all librarians and staff whether they wish to receive copies of questions and answers.

7. Sage records in Unicorn.

Jeanne Boyle asked whether this should be continued for new items. It was agreed she would explore the whole RUL/ Sage relationship. It was also agreed we should recommend having Sage holdings as a separate database like the two law libraries because they do not participate in RRS and other services.

8. Long-range plan.

The SACOPS and Librarian's Cabinet priorities lists were distributed. It was agreed that they are broadly similar.

ESTF will have a report and funding proposal to SACOPS this year.

For AAL, this will be a year of experimentation. The issue of handling specialized subject questions was raised.

In terms of creating electronic records for all Rutgers holdings, having a way to show where journals are at RUL would be highly usefully. Uncover can link to particular units, not the whole system, like RLIN. Tying periodical articles with particular units should be included in the long-range plan.

The question was raised, "What did we mean about providing information services to remote users?" The first step would be document delivery to experiment stations and other really remote locations. Then, we could move to a pilot with the Camden campus. A proposal will be prepared this year.

Jeanne will take other priorities to special groups, such as ERC. Those planning tasks not appropriate for special groups and committees, such as ERC, will go to SAC members for investigation and recommendations.

9. Round robin.

Rowan materials have been moved to Robeson. There will be a Rowan liaison librarian at Robeson. The web site is being redesigned.

Rebecca Gardner has moved from Douglass to Chang. Jane Sloan has become head of the acquisitions department.

Kilmer. Jeris Cassel reported that 30-35 classes are already planned for the fall semester.

Notes by Benjamin R. Beede
(Revisions by Jeanne Boyle and Judy Gardner have been incorporated.)

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