Minutes of November 18, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Natalie Borisovets, Ron Jantz, Illona Caparros, Ann Montanaro, Penny Page, Judy Gardner, Ellen Calhoun, Jeanne Boyle; and guests Gracemary Smulewitz, Lida Sak, Bob Warwick representing the MARC Holdings Committee.

Members of the MARC Holdings Committee, which is a LIS Serials Group/SACOTAS subgroup, presented background information on MARC holdings, which would replace 930 summary statements in IRIS. The committee viewed and studied the system at Lehiegh University This has been a cataloging standard since 1980; in 1989 the Library of Congress published a book on the USMARC holdings format (for those interested in the details). Basically, an 852 tag would be created in IRIS records for all libraries owning a title, which could be automatically updated as issues of the journal title are checked in. To see what a MARC holdings statement would look like, search the test catalog for "experimental MARC". Some advantages of the system: using a national standard makes linking to holdings easier; displays of holdings are cleaner, and detailed holdings are sorted. It will be more labor intensive than current 930 creations, but 930s could be transferred to a holdings note by the system, and OCLC will be maintaining a database of holdings. SACOPS approved the use of MARC holdings statements in principle.

JEB distributed the Recommendation Log with status update and asked members to look it over; verified that members are monitoring the ASK-A-Librarian list; and announced that licensing principles for electronic resources will be placed on the web page along with the new form for requesting access to networked resources, the international student brochure group is working on the library terminology brochure, and the RFP for networked printers is at Purchasing. The libraries will contribute data about any fee based workshops we may hold into a database sponsored by Continuing Ed. Jeanne will draft an outline of library service to the Technology Center (on Rt.1), run by the State Environmental Development Authority; we are encouraged to request resources to support any new services we may wish to offer. There is a need to coordinate library benefits with the Alumni Association.

The document delivery project using UNCOVER is on hold, pending review of the features of Web of Science. UNCOVER can block requests for RUL materials; question is whether the Web of Science can do the same. Target date for implementing REVEAL is 12/15. There will be a publicity campaign with the goal of signing up a minimum of 430 subscribers over the next year.

SACOPS looked at public service statistics for 1985/98. Questions were raised about how hits on web guides, e-mail reference questions, statistics on electronic reference in general are collected.

The NB Information Services Group Planning document was distributed for discussion at the next meeting.

Ann Montanaro announced that the authentication problem for restricted resources has been solved, and a certificate is being purchased. Full text of Rutgers dissertations are online for the past 2 years.

Ron Jantz is chairing the Web Advisory Committee, which has established 3 working groups: one on the libraries front page; one on web guides (structure, content, look and feel), and one for immediate stuff, like announcements, trials, etc. They are focusing on the RUL web site with a July time frame for new implementation. Ron is also working on the common knowledge database group, so is the link between that group and WAC.

RUL has not added any records to RLIN for about a year now. SACOPS agreed that fully cataloged items in IRIS should be tape loaded automatically on a regular basis. Other categories of materials, like in process or on order records, should be reviewed in the near future.

SACOPS members discussed the current status of the committee and possible changes in the configuration of the SACS. Several SACOPS members suggested that the advisory groups continue to function in an advisory capacity, to allow for full discussion of issues, which could be assigned to appropriate groups for problem-solving. There was general concern that having only one

SAC/Council might result in needing too many operational subcommittees or a constant turnover of ad hoc groups created to deal with specific issues. Most members felt that communication would be greatly facilitated if all three AULs attended all SAC meetings (SACOPS will extend an invitation to its next meeting). In addition, members supported the idea of having joint SAC meetings when appropriate to discuss import issues of overlapping concern and to have issue-oriented SACOPS meetings for fuller discussion of specific issues. submitted 12/10/98 For example, the NERS group will be asked to attend a SACOPS meeting to discuss database evaluation. Members generally agreed that meeting times have been insufficient to handle our rather full agendas; most preferred keeping meetings to once/month but extending them to the full day.

E. Calhoun, secretary pro diem
(with thanks to Penny Page for her fulsome notes)

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