Minutes of December 16, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Ilona Caparros, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Harriette Hemmasi, Ron Jantz, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Penny Page, Ann Scholz-Crane, Robert Sewell, Thelma Tate
Susan Beck, Jeris Cassel

The agenda and minutes were approved as presented.

AUL/PSC Report - Jeanne Boyle

Everyone was urged to attend the ISI WEB of Science/IDS demonstration scheduled for January 12. While document delivery is not an integrated feature of Web of Science, IDS can be programmed to provide links to redirect users to RUL holdings. It may be possible to use IDS for an expanded pilot document delivery project. Ann Scholz-Crane suggested that vendors give demonstrations on all campuses. Jeanne will contact ISI about doing that.

We are waiting to hear any day that we have access to Reveal. A publicity campaign will be done early in the second semester when everyone returns to campus.

ACRL has developed an Institute for Information Literacy, and RUL should send a representative. It is an immersion program with separate tracks for new and experienced instruction librarians. The groups agreed that the selection of an RUL nominee should be referred to the Instructional Services Committee.

Ann Scholz-Crane is now a member of the VALE Interface Committee. Jeanne shared copies of an email message that lists the Interface Committee members and prioritizes items recommended for change. Ann Montanaro noted that the changes cannot be made until the data is mounted on our local server. There is as yet no date set for that move. The databases will come alive locally one at a time, and future questions to answer include whether the files should be changed one at a time or all at once, after they are all loaded locally.

Systems Update -- Ann Montanaro

We are moving towards implementing the Workflows client in Unicorn.

Workflows replaces Infoview. Those who have attended the reports training have already seen Workflows. Acquisitions is coming along, and circulation will be implemented during spring break. Workflows includes wizards for programming tasks.

Authentication software is ready to test. The Webmaster has revised the introductory page and it is working today. Users will authenticate using their library barcodes and pin numbers. There will be impact on circulation.

Work on upgrading the Novell servers continues. They will all be updated in the next 6 months. This work will make our infrastructure year 2000 compliant. All PCs have been checked for compliance.

Unicorn indexes are updated all the time, but there needs to be a total reindexing once each year. This would take 6 days. Systems is trying to find ways by using alternate disk storage, etc., to accomplish this without disrupting system use. There are no indexing problems now; this would just be maintenance. It is hoped that no index goes bad before a way to do this is determined.

LIS-PAC -- Ann Scholz-Crane

The PAC group has outlined its work for the year. All were reminded to use the test catalog if we want to see to where the work has progressed. Ann will send us the URL for the test catalog.

LIS-CIRC -- Judy Gardner

Judy met with LIS-PAC. Workflows changes for circulation will take place during spring break, and how circulation work is done will change. Some capacity for cutting and pasting will be lost.

Annex Report -- Ellen Calhoun

Ellen gave background: Marianne Gaunt formed the committee in February. The document before us is an operational manual and is based on a 1992 report by Margie Epple and an earlier 1981 committee document. She drew our attention to the selection policy section as being of concern to public services. Regarding duplicates, a 1996 study looked at a sample, and there is now a process for withdrawing duplicate monographs within the Annex. A process for withdrawing duplicate serial titles is being developed.

The discussion included the following points:

There are some problem sets where one volume was sent to the Annex and the others maintained on open library shelves. Ellen noted that there is a charge to develop a process for sending items back to the originating units and that the spit sets could be folded into that process.

Any changes resulting from the new CRL reference policy would not be automatic because selectors will be involved in any decision to withdraw materials.

Our records are confusing when both the originating library and Annex are noted. This could be repaired in Unicorn because there can be separate 930 fields for the originating library and the Annex.

A particular example of ownership concerns is a substantial collection of Stanton materials gifted to the Douglass Library by will. There are part of the Jacobi X collection, which was stored. It was again noted that no materials would be withdrawn from the Annex without selector involvement. Staffing is not yet available for a proposed weeding project.

Page 5 should be updated throughout to reflect RRS requests rather than faxing.

Library users needing Annex materials can be sent to the Annex or materials can be requested. Either is acceptable. Some people cannot use RRS; some materials must be used in the Annex. The paper request form must be used for government documents.

The first sentence on page 2 in the section on Additional Considerations, part A., needs clarification. It is unclear whether reference is to a copy or a title or if the sentence refers to the Annex and other libraries or decisions among all libraries.

The Selection policy should be amended to include an acknowledgement that inadequate space may be a reason materials are stored.

It was recommended that a revised document be made available on the staff resource web page.

Ariel is available at the Annex and should be added to the Photocopy Services section. It is used for filling interlibrary loan requests and will probably be used more in the future not only outside but also within RUL.

The procedures for Special Collections and University Archives should indicate that referrals should include a telephone call ahead so materials in the Annex can be pulled and delivered before a user arrives on site. Only the last three years of dissertations are at Alexander; earlier years are in the Annex. There was some discussion that IRIS should be used to indicate this. Harriette Hemmasi asked if it would be useful to provide hot links from within IRIS to Digital Dissertations, and the group agreed. Tom Frusciano said that work is underway on a guide to dissertations. Natalie noted that Rutgers dissertations appear in Digital Dissertations before they are available from RUL. Harriette said that we are trying to get catalog records from UMI to speed up our processing. Tom noted that some older dissertations are in a commercial warehouse.

Page 2, number 7, should be edited as: 'condition, and/or unbindable'

Budgeting Strategies for the Long Range Plan: Jeanne Boyle

Copies of the budget strategies for public services and technical services handout prepared for the special faculty meeting was faxed before the meeting. Jeanne offered copies of additional materials for background for the discussion: SACOPS Long Range Plan Strategies, activities list from A Bridge to the Future, RUL goals for 1998/99, a 5-year plan strategies worksheet blank and sample developed by Harriette Hemmasi also for the special faculty meeting.

Jeanne requested input and advice for developing a statement about public services for the budget advisory committee for the long-range plan. The committee will meet in January and will include primarily people external to the libraries. She sketched the possibilities in the form of a continuum. On one end is a detailed plan with exact activities and dollar amounts for each year of the 5-year plan. On the other end is a pot of money freely available to us from which we could create a grant program for digital library initiative projects.

The group discussed generally what it would take to accomplish some of the priority activities. Working with faculty to design a course takes a great deal of librarian effort and requires equipment and materials. It would be even more involved to develop a reverse model where faculty commit to a library program. Perhaps we could fold in a grant proposal process and solicit 1-page proposals. Part of the project write-up would have to be the impact to the organization, and that is hard for us to do. Perhaps we could work through the priorities and solicit proposals in each area with impact statements, description, staff, equipment, etc. We would have to guard ideas so that those who send them forward get to participate in carrying them out. There would have to be the broadly accepted assumption that support is available or individuals might not participate. We should build on current expertise and projects to award additional resources. There need to be mechanisms for continuing support. After reviewing the strategies worksheet and discussing the opportunities and requirements of a grant program, the group decided to work through the activities previously selected as priorities and brainstorm about what impact each would have on our current organization.

The unprocessed results of the brainstorming session follow in an appendix.

Round Robin

Ron Jantz reported on WAC activities. The design/top page group has developed a prototype of a new top page, and Sam McDonald is now working on second level pages. The prototype will be available for comments probably in late January. The new top page follows the RU template with a navigation bar on the left. There are two columns: one for information content (catalogs, indexes, etc.), and one for information about the libraries and services. The web guide group is doing an audit of all web guide pages and will be recommending what to do with orphan pages. The immediate things group has put up a new news section linked for the top page and is taking care that there will be no surprises. The catalogs page now includes links to web versions along with the telnet catalogs. Officially, the new web pages will be introduced in the summer so all have time to learn them before the fall. Ron affirmed that links to other pages at the university or elsewhere will be used instead of always creating a page within RUL.

Jackie Mardikian has been working with Sam McDonald on updating her AIDs page. She will work with a SCILS intern in January on a medicine and public health page. A tutorial developed for the WebCT aids class will be linked to the description for Medline on the library web page.

Judy Gardner announced that the statewide services contract has been renewed for 1999. Question 20,000 was submitted to the Citation/Location Center by John Walls, Summit Public Library. John, Robert Miller, Mary Nelson, Carol Paszamant, and Judy celebrated with a lunch at the Faculty Club. Judy, Jane Mihalick, and Mary Belasco attended the regional SHARES meeting at Yale and found it useful. Shipping and Receiving is using UPS Office. Paper logs have been eliminated, and labels are printed from a building address directory. Nicky Spurill is new in ILS/Alexander. She joined RUL from Princeton.

Penny Page reported briefly on the Coordinating Committee discussion earlier in the day about the SAC restructuring. The Committee has charged a smaller group, chaired by Ben Beede, to look into making the SACs operational bodies and expanding the role of the Coordinating Committee.

Bob Sewell announced that the January 15 Metro selectors meeting will focus on university presses and their involvement in the new publishing world. Speakers include Marlie Wasserman, RU Press, and representatives from university presses at Columbia and NYU. SACOPS members support acquiring a subscription to America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts. Bob is still negotiating price.

The group agreed to proceed with a full day meeting in January, with database evaluation as the afternoon discussion topic and with NRES as invited participants. Possible locations are LSM, Newark meeting/dining room, or the President's room at the Commons in NB.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

Appendix: Brainstorming About the Impact of Priority Activities on RUL

Activity: Create electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers collections

Activity: Provide information services directly to remote users

Activity: Work with Rutgers faculty, design instructional programs for students that incorporate information literacy to advance undergraduate learning goals

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