Minutes of February 26, 1999 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Ilona Caparros, Tom Frusciano, Ron Jantz, Harriette Hemmasi, Jackie Mardikian, Ann Montanaro, Penny Page, Ann Scholz-Crane, Bob Sewell, Thelma Tate
Ben Beede, Natalie Borisovets, Jeris Cassel, Judy Gardner

Agenda and Minutes

Jeanne Boyle added an item about ready reference searching vendors to the Agenda. Updates to items in the minutes from the last meeting are that: Jeanne has sent forward to Harriette Hemmasi the list of microform titles to catalog to enable online requesting through RRS, Harriette has received contributions to the inventory of RUL uncataloged holdings and an updated list is available from her, Ann Scholz-Crane was asked to share proposed changes to the 856 field when available, and our practice for linking in IRIS to e-journals will be revisited later in the meeting. The Agenda and Minutes were accepted.

AUL/PSC Report

Jeanne Boyle has completed the mid-year report and will send it to everyone via email attachment. For the annual report, she will want contributions from all committees and projects.

The SACOPS recommendation logs have been posted in pdf form on the staff resources web page with the minutes.

There will be a VALE update meeting in the SCC March 4 at 10 a.m. Since space is limited, SACOPS members should let Jeanne know if they wish to attend. [Note: Marianne Gaunt subsequently sent out a general announcement that the meeting is open to RU librarians.] At 1:30 the same day, Elsevier will be making a presentation to VALE. VALE is looking at full text packages.

The Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee has scheduled "e-library: envisioning the library of the future" for April 13, 9:30 am to 12 noon in the SCC. Bob Nahoory will be the keynote speaker. Recommendations for panel respondents are being solicited. SACOPS members had no immediate recommendations. Jeanne urged everyone to attend what promises to be an important and stimulating session.

Locations for SACOPS meetings for the rest of the spring semester will be March, Library of Science and Medicine; April, Newark; May, Camden; June, Alexander Library.

Jeris Cassel is coordinating the Rutgers response to the distance learning survey being conducted by John Cohn on behalf of the Council of NJ College and University Library Directors. Jeris is receiving a good number of responses to her message soliciting input on the faculty e-mail list.

Jeanne asked for suggestions for major discussion topics that might require another full day meeting. She noted that there would also be an opportunity to identify topics needing broad discussion at the faculty meeting. SACOPS members had no immediate topics to suggest. Susan Beck distributed the background bibliography prepared with Howard Dess for the March 5 faculty meeting discussion about evaluating electronic resources. [Note: Following the meeting, at Susan's request, the document was put on the Alexander t drive, posted it to the staff resources web page by our webmaster, and announced by Jeanne to the faculty e-list.]

Systems / LIS Updates

Ann Montanaro asked what report content would be most useful to the group. In response, Susan Beck asked two questions:

  1. Do our software licenses permit us to use the software at home for library work? The licenses at her husband's institution permit this. Ann does not believe this is possible but will check.
  2. The VALE databases have missing fields and other presentation, interface problems. She was told to report them to Ask a Librarian. Is that correct? An example is the need for publication type in ABI/Inform. Ann Scholz-Crane noted that the VALE Interface Committee is not currently dealing with these needs, and she will bring any comments to their attention. Jeanne said that she would also work to bring them to the attention of the VALE developers. Early on Jeanne had discussed VALE questions with Natalie Borisovets and as a result announced that questions about use of the VALE databases and all questions from public users should be referred to Ask a Librarian and that Rutgers librarians were encouraged send their questions about interface, searching, and performance problems to her so they could be sent into the VALE development process as an institutional request. This was part of the earlier announcement about proposed interface enhancements. Now that Ann has been appointed to the VALE Interface Committee, librarian questions and comments should be sent to both of them. [Note: Susan has since sent a list of interface concerns to Ann, Jeanne, and Marianne.]

    Ann reported that database statistics are updated monthly. There are no statistics for VALE yet, since that is part of the work Dave Hoover has yet to complete. Work on upgrading all Novell servers will be completed in the next 3-4 months. Unicorn v.8 will be installed over spring break. The memory upgrade in all public PCs is almost completed. Y2K compliance checking for all public PCs is done. Memory in staff machines will be assessed after the new version of Unicorn is installed. Everyone agreed this type of report is useful.

    Ann Scholz-Crane reported for LIS-PAC that next Monday the new display screens for serials and books would move from the test catalog into the public catalog. The main changes are in key title and geographic indicators. PAC is working on making IRIS accessible to all people, including those who are visually or physically impaired. At the last PAC meeting, Francoise Puniello and Bobbi Tipton worked with the committee on accessibility for the visually impaired. In testing, IRIS did well. This is an issue for all RUL databases.

    Reporting for Judy Gardner, Jeanne said that the Circulation Subcommittee has reviewed its purpose and membership and wishes to rename itself the Access Services Subcommittee. Jeanne thought the group should probably now be called a committee rather than a subcommittee to bring it into line with other subgroups. Would SACOPS want to rule on the change? It was agreed the name change made sense, and it was approved. Jeanne will ask Judy to share the text describing the change on the SACOPS list.

RUL Brochures

At the last meeting, SACOPS agreed to review the list of centrally reproduced and distributed brochures and help assign ownership. Jeanne distributed a list of brochures with latest revision dates. Jeanne asked everyone to help her consider if the list of brochures represented what we need - are there some we no longer need, are there others we should develop? If this is our list, who should be responsible for owning and updating each title? The following recommendations were made:

All brochures have not yet found owners, but progress was made.

Cataloging Policy for Electronic Journals

Harriette reviewed the document about cataloging electronic journals that appears on the cataloging web page. During the discussion, it was noted that the alphabetical list of electronic journals on the RUL web page is generated from IRIS. The lag between when a title is cataloged and when it appears on the list is small since the list is generated monthly or more frequently when many titles are being added. Harriette noted that journals are cataloged if we have access to the full text, the full, image, or a combination of full text, full image, and abstracts. She shared an example where linking to a site that offers only the table of contents would be useful and suggested that this is a good topic for a cross SAC discussion. Harriette reported that there is a chart on the staff resources web page that shows the status of electronic resources not requiring central funds that have been requested.

There was a side discussion about offering access to free Internet databases, such as Pubmed. This will be an item on our next agenda.

Harriette reported that a set-level record for the ERIC reports microfiche have been catlaoged in IRIS, and she shared copies of the record. SACOPS members agreed that the variant titles contained in this record have captured the ways that users and librarians refer to this collection, especially the phrase "ERIC documents". It was recommended that a 930 be added.

New VALE Databases

Jeanne distributed a list of databases currently under consideration by VALE. She asked if this type of information is helpful and how the group might want to respond. She noted that an announcement about trials for two databases had been sent out via email but no input has been received. It was suggested that a separate group might be needed, and that might result from our upcoming database evaluation discussion. For now, the list was accepted for information purposes.

Discussion topic: Introducing New Services

Jeanne noted that we are getting better at informing ourselves and our users about new databases and other services, and she wanted input about the steps needed in that process. We are now putting new databases on a trial web page so we can start using it and work with it in our environment to develop the needed documentation. It was suggested that a "New as of [date]" flag be attached to new databases for one month after they are moved from the trial page to our regular page. There needs to be an announcement to our colleagues and something on the News page. The extent of other announcement depends on the database. Ron Jantz proposed four important steps: testing, fixes, controlled introduction, general availability. The controlled introduction is necessary because few customers try out new offerings. At that stage, there needs to be public information as to why or why not a title or service was introduced, and this needs to be presented along with the evaluation criteria used. Applying the results of this discussion to RUL, the steps after selection would include development of documentation with testing with one or two people; notification to Ask a Librarian, RUL_faculty, and RUL_staff; information on the News page; then publicity. Susan Beck referred everyone to an article about Minitex in the bibliography prepared for the faculty meeting.

Ready Reference Searching Vendors

Jeanne received a query from Dana Library about having Wilsonline available for ready reference searching, and in the past there has been use of FirstSearch search blocks. Do we need access to search services beyond what we currently have for ready reference searching? Jeanne was referred to Gary Golden for information about FirstSearch blocks. Ilona Caparros and Susan Beck volunteered to review our current and potential services.

Round Robin:

Ron Jantz reported that WAC is continuing to make good progress. The web guide subcommittee has developed standards. Questions were asked about including print resources in general guides and how the guides will become systemwide. He will bring these issues back to WAC. He said a subcommittee of the Library Assessment Committee would be providing user evaluation beginning in early April.

Thelma Tate reported that two delegations have visited the Alexander Library: 50 students and their teachers from Fukui University, and a group from Liberia.

Tom Frusciano reported that 40 fifth graders and their teachers and parents visited Special Collections and University Archives to work on the history of Highland Park. March 15 is the target date for completion of a prototype web page with links to EAD finding aids. There will be a workshop for faculty and staff to introduce this expanded electronic access. Special Collections participated with RLG in a project to convert to EAD two large finding aids developed at Rutgers. The aids have been converted by Apex, the conversion service used by RLG, and Special Collections has received the files.

Penny Page noted that she sent a SACOPS report to the faculty. The Coordinating Committee SAC documents will be discussed and voted on in principle at the March 5 faculty meeting. The Common Knowledge Database Team is trying to identify databases and other local files that are not in IRIS or on subject guides and will be making recommendations for cataloging and/or inclusion on appropriate subject guides. A small test file of a database from the Alcohol Studies Library has been mounted on the SCC server and is looking good.

Ellen Calhoun reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office is distributing new PCs and very high-end printers to its 81 depositories. They are in the process of setting the equipment up and reviewing it at LSM. LSM will still have two patent workstations - one new and one old.

Harriette has been working with Ebsco to arrange a test of Ebsco online. The idea is to further online access that is free s a result of our print subscription. The check is being sent to LTI, the selected authority control vendor. All has been cleared through university purchasing. The IRIS database should be updated by the fall semester. She will work with PAC to review introduction of the changes. Authority control will be provided for names, corporate headings, uniform titles, subjects, and series. The A team has received 52,700 requests so far this year.

Bob Sewell has been working on the budget documents for the long-range pl

Ron Jantz reported that the Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank is now up on the web. The CD version is cataloged in IRIS. The record will be changed and a link added to the networked product.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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