First Time Library Users Task Force Report

Several meetings during 2004-2005 resulted in reviews of that already in place for first time users (e.g., web site, redesigned; NetID). A virtual tour had been discussed at the October 2004 PSC meeting and deemed redundant; it was in place on each campus. A review of the original charge led the task force to propose the following: two recommendations for Fall 2005 to accomplish the goal of recognition of the Rutgers University Libraries.

1. Broadcast Email message for newcomers (freshmen, transfer students). J. Gardner and K. Wenk met with Diane Harris, Director of Communication, Undergraduate Admissions, at ASB on Wed., (5/11/05). Undergraduate Admissions maintains a database of email address for "new admits.", all campuses Diane is willing to send a short email message on behalf of the Libraries to admitted undergraduate students. She volunteered to broadcast the email from Undergrad Admissions' server. She recommended the message go out the end of July (before August) .Diane will do the same for transfer students, recommended in January after the holidays. A small card, with a brief welcome and the Libraries website URL, brought by Judy and Karen to the meeting, is in keeping with the message being short.

2. A Promotional Item with Rutgers University Libraries or RUL logo to give out to anyone who registers at a circulation desk during the month of September, each library, all campuses (Items such as frisbees, erasers looking like a book, plastic bags, and pencils).

N. Borisovits, J. Gardner, P. Libutti,(convener) K. Wenk
May 24, 2005

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