Minutes of February 4, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best, Salvatore Cardinale, Azon Dechavez, Pat Jones, Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling, Jamie Maguire(recorder), Kayla Reichardt, Clotilde Twagiramariya, Sandy Bodner


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. Marc statistics
  3. Special issue claims
  4. Latest edition REF earlier edition Stacks receiving procedures

1. The group approved the minutes for the December 3, 2002 meeting.

2. The statistics as of January 28, 2002 are as follows:

Marc Holding Statistics
HUM = 4,462 (current), 2,216 (bound) = about 69% done
SCI = 3,297 (current), 1,985 (bound) = about 80% done
NB = 7,759 (current), 4,201 (bound) = about 74% done

Materials received
HUM = 5,409
SCI = 4,227

3. While Cathy Pecoraro was still with the Collection Services department she realized that most indexes & supplements are checked in as ‘special issues’, no predictions are created for them; therefore no claims can be made. If a ‘special issue’ needs to be claimed she suggested that we generate a prediction for that issue with instructions noted in the comment field (note: an example was printed and distributed at the meeting). The instructions would say, ‘prediction created for CLAIM ONLY- check-in as special issue then delete this prediction.’

4. Latest Edition REF earlier edition STACKS receiving procedures:

  1. Receive issue
  2. Edit item record to REF for latest edition received
  3. Edit previous item record to STACKS
  4. Fill out processing form
  5. Add note to comment section of processing form “Pull previous volume from REF to be relabeled to STACKS”. We do realize this does not work so well with Bind on receipt/latest edition REF material and while the Sciences don’t have a lot of material like this the Humanities do so Sal was going to talk to Paul and re-visit how that material is currently being handled and Kayla was going to investigate the capabilities of the charge/discharge function.

Topics discussed not included in the agenda:

1. We need formats/guidelines for how items in item line list should appear. We were told that the Marc working group is still working on that. No decision has been made yet.

2. All receivers prior to this meeting were asked to print the red book of all titles they received on a certain day. The results were as follows, 22% in good condition, 49% minor errors, and 30% major issues. One of the major issues was formatting as mentioned previously. When/what/how do you use volume/year, volume/number/year, year/volume etc…. Another issue was Supplements and Indexes; everyone is doing it differently. The Marc Working group hopes to create standards and have them strictly enforced RUL wide. The biggest problem we saw was with compression and pagination. Some titles do not have a set limit to the number of issues that complete the volume. Sometimes the limit of issues switches depending on if it’s an odd or even volume. All these situations create problems for compression in Marc and will take time to resolve. This little sample collection proved so helpful in determining and identifying problems that it has been decided that every third Wednesday of the month will be PRINT THE RED BOOK DAY! And it was decided that if you come across any really messy titles, no matter what library, no matter what day, you should print that red book too!

3. Complaints have arisen since the implementation of Marc Holdings in concerns to overall appearance of records. In most cases the title has only been half way update or something was not deleted (like 599 or 930) therefore you have the same information in two different places or half the information is in the new Marc format and the rest still not update. To help eliminate these problems and update everything to Marc a few projects have been initiated. The project that has been bestowed upon the receivers is to update all titles that have an active control record and open 930. Reports have been run/printed to determine this titles for each library and the receivers are to work on them for at least an hour and half each day.

Next Meeting March 4, 2003 10:30am at ALEX

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