Minutes of May 27, 2003 meeting

Salvatore Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling, Julie Kaufman, Michelle Best, Clotilde Twagiramariya, Asuncion DeChavez, Kayla Reichardt, Sondra Bodner (recorder).
Pat Jones (chair)


  1. Review of Current “852 Standards” Updates
  2. Discussion of Vendor Title Field & Call Nos. in basic folder
  3. Recurring Order Standards
  4. Checking in Duplicates
  1. Reviewed the Marc Holdings Standards for 852 tags Update # 4 and made the necessary changes needed. (As per the “Holdings Working Group Decisions of 5/7/03.
  2. Discussed the “Vendor Title Field” and Call Nos. and Kayla said she will get the coding system from Suzanne and have students enter the information over the summer. It is not the responsibility of the Receivers.
  3. We went over the Recurring Order Standards and Kayla advised us to go through the “Receiving Check-List” and make necessary notations and give to the Receiving Coordinator. We should not create control records for Recurring Orders.
  4. We discussed checking in duplicates. Sal said we should only modify the record to show we received a 2nd copy, but do not check in the second copy. This should be done for Government Documents as well.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:45am




Next meeting: July 1, 2003
Location: Alex CSD
Time: 10:30am

Next recorder: Azon DeChavez
Backup: Pat Jones

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