Minutes of October 10, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best, Sandy Bodner, Salvatore Cardinale, Azon DeChavez, Pat Jones (Chair), Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling (recorder), Clotilde Twagiramariya
Valerie Mead, Kayla Reichart


  1. RUL Website - Receiving Focus Group Page
  2. Bindery Reports
  3. Receiving Monographic Series
  4. Gov. Doc Microfiche
  5. Ext-Info Project
  6. Additional items

1. The group went over print outs of the new web page on RUL for receiving. Suggestions were made to include replacement issues procedures, claiming reasons (what to claim and when), and a link to the standardized ext-info standards. The suggestions will be given to Kayla Reichart to be approved.

2. Sal brought up the issue of duplication in the bindery reports. It has been more of an issue at LSM than at Alex. The receivers were placing items into the bind tab again because Iris maintenance had not removed the issues that were being bound from the MARC record and they had not appeared in the item list. This creates problems because when items are being pulled, they would not be on the shelves and would be considered as missing. Sal informed the group to be more mindful of the date entered in the bind tab. Also, at LSM, no codes will have to be entered when filling out the bind tab. This is due to the fact that previously at LSM, multiple accounts were used by bindery, but one account is being used to bind now.

3. The group discussed receiving of monographic series. At LSM, the receivers check in book sets and monographic series and send them (along with the invoices) to Suzanne Posluszny who sends them to cataloging. However, at Alex, the books are sent to Susan Brower, who sends to cataloging, and the invoice is sent to Joan Hendershot. It was suggested that all the books go to Joan but the decision to keep this workflow was decided on the July 1, 2003 meeting.

4. The issue of creating 866ís for government document microfiche was discussed by the group. It was decided that the receivers do not create 866ís without first consulting the receiving coordinators first. The receivers will check in the fiche as usual and print out the MARC record and give it to the RCís.

5. Julie informed that group that the ext-info project has been finished for the Art, Chemistry, Physics, and Douglass libraries. The ext-infos for those libraries will now be uniform and standards will be finalized soon. The receivers were also informed that if they wish to add new notes to the records, they should print out the ext-info, write the note they wish to add on the paper, and give it to the receiving coordinator.

6. The group was informed that there will be a cart for items charged out to CS-ALEX or CS-LSM. This is for items that require processing (labels, etc), repairs, or withdrawal. The group was also reminded to print out the records (the red book) for all items checked in once a month. Lastly, the group was told to be careful when deleting items from the item listings. Orders attached to certain volumes will disappear if the items are deleted. As a rule of thumb, the receivers should delete items if it was created by them.



Pat Jones

Salvatore Cardinale


Next meeting: 10:30am, November 4, 2003 @ LSM CSD

Next recorder: Clotilde Twagiramariya
Backup recorder: Michelle Best

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