Minutes of November 14, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best, Sandy Bodner, Salvatore Cardinale,Azon DeChavez, Pat Jones (Chair), Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling, Kayla Reichardt, Clotilde Twagiramariya(recorder)


  1. Discharge Cart (Items given by Circulation)
  2. Title Merges (Paper and Microforms)
  3. Revised Receiving Checklist
  4. Ext. Info. Folder
  5. Setting Standards for expected issues (for claiming purposes)
  6. Government Documents copy two’s
  7. Items that are bound to Index Table Locations

1. The Receiving Focus Group discussed the issue of “Discharge Cart” of items given by Circulation. Those items from Circulation to be discharged have to be sent to CSD with specific slips from Circulation, but it has been noticed that some items were NOT coming to CSD with slips. At ALEX, those items are dealt with processing persons and are located on the top shelf in the Processing Area.

2. Concerning “Title Merges( Paper and Microforms)”, the group was informed that those cases are mostly found for journals and newspapers. Julie Kaufman is the person in charge of moving Microforms records to the Paper record at Alex. For current records, Julie then print out the Bib Record and send it to Cataloging for bibliographic information to be updated.

3. A for the “Revised Receiving Checklist”, Sal pointed out the need for a discussion on some instructions, especially those related to “ceased publications”. As most of the participants had different handouts, it was decided to postpone the discussion on this item on the agenda until we all have the more recent checklist.

4. The group also discussed the on-going “Standardized Ext-Info Folder”project. This project is still in the process of being finalized and for those Ext-Infos already revised, receivers can gradually start printing out the information instead of filling out the processing slip. Sal suggested that a training session be organized for students for them to be familiar with the reading of details on the revised Ext-Info.

5. On the issue of “Setting Standards for Expected Issues” for claiming purposes, it was recommended that receivers always take a look at the receiving patterns and set up the “expected” issues accordingly. Always look at the expected to double-check if the dates are not off. For some delayed publications, claiming persons can look into vendors websites if needed to find out delayed dates from the publishers.

6. Government Publications copy two’s. Only LSM needs instructions on this issue. Alex has already specific information and detailed instructions to be followed while receiving the second copy for most of the government publications.

7. Regarding “Items that are bound to Index Table and/or Biography Table Location”, it was asked to the receivers to add “Index Table and/or Biography Table” in the Binding Folder. This will enable Bindery people to get all the required information to have those items labeled to the right location while at bindery.




Next Meeting: December 2nd, 2003 ; 10:30 am at ALEX CSD.

Next Recorder: Michelle Best.
Backup recorder: Sandy Bodner.

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