Minutes of December 2, 2003 meeting

Michelle Best (recorder), Sandy Bodner, Paul Cabelli (Guest), Sal Cardinale, Azon DeChavez, Pat Jones (Chair), Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling, Clotilde Twagiramariya


  1. Suggested Revisions for EXT INFO Project
  2. Review of Receiving Checklist
  3. Round Robin

Meeting was called to order: 10:30 am

1. Suggested Revisions for EXT INFO Project

It was suggested that “Does not Circulate” be added to the extended info as a standard for material shelved in designated library locations that does not circulate. Sal indicated that this instruction should be understood and will be followed up by more extensive student training for processing. Julie will consult with Stephanie Bartz regarding DOCNJ titles that do not circulate. Certain STACK titles also do not circulate. Any exceptions to the norm will be dealt with on a title by title basis. A note will then be added to the extended info. When coming across confusing instructions or items that need to be added to the extended info, receivers should print out the extended info with the added instructions written on them, and given to the receiving coordinators of each library. The printouts will then be forwarded to Kayla for assessment.

2. Review of the Receiving Checklist

Paul Cabelli was invited to the meeting to review the receiving checklist with the group.

Frequency Changes: It was decided that for frequency changes the words “simple” and “complex” will be eliminated from the checklist and only one procedure will exist. A line item will be added at the end of the procedure - - For complex frequency changes give to the receiving coordinator. Paul suggested printing out one page of the redbook rather than the bib record when sending paperwork to the frequency change shelf. Sal is going to work on finding the simplest systematic approach to printing out the redbook without including the entire list of holdings. Once the bind decision is made and the extended info is updated, bindery will delete the note FREQ CHG REVIEW BIND from the bindery folder. Sal will discuss this with bindery at Alex and LSM.

New Orders: Shelf will be changed to New Title Shelf under the New Orders procedure. Reinstated titles will involve the same process as new orders. Julie updates the extended info for reinstated titles. Paul requested changing the heading Iris Maintenance Area to Bibliographic Cataloging Area.

Ceased and Cancelled Titles: Receivers should manually write “Last to Bind” on the extended info printout, unless there is a previous claimed issue, so that bindery can close out their record. According to Paul cancelled and ceased procedures are still under development. When the procedures are finalized, the checklist will be updated.

The remaining procedures will be discussed at the next meeting.

3. Round Robin: next meeting




Meeting Adjourned: 12.00 p.m.

Next meeting: January 6, 2004, 10:30 am at LSM

Next Recorder: Sandy Bodner
Backup Recorder: Sal Cardinale

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