Minutes of February 5, 2004 meeting

Salvatore Cardinale (recorder) ,Pat Jones (chair), Azon DeChavez, Michelle Best, Clotilde Twagiramariya
Sandy Bodner, Julie Kaufmann, Yuhwei Ling


  1. EXT INFO Notes
  2. GOV DOC non circulating items
  3. Finish review of Receiving Checklist
  4. Bind upon Receipt
  5. Miscellaneous

Meeting was called to order @ 10:30

  1. The extended info-project template was distributed to all the receivers and was briefly reviewed. Receivers agreed that any modification that is to be and are already updated to the new format are to be given to the Receiving Coordinators, who either make the changes based on the established template; or makes changes as close as possible to the unapproved standards. The Receiving coordinators will make a print out of the updated extended info. Give them to Kayla for review.
  2. The non-circulating government documents cheat sheet was handed out. The document, completed by the government documents working group, was distributed and reviewed. Sal will further review the policy of Annual DOCS and other circulating policy for clarification with Ellen.
  3. The upgraded Iris Maintenance portion of the receiving checklist was distributed. It is to be reviewed at the next meeting when all the recommendations from Pre/Post Cat group have been made.
  4. A review of policy: The Holdings team modifies the library locations of a Latest Edition Ref for Bind Upon Receipt items
  5. Susan Brower is invited to the next meeting and will offer her expertise on the subjects of receiving monographs and monographic series.


  1. Susan Brower will attend the next receiving meeting.


  1. Sal will meet to discuss circulation policy of government documents with Ellen Calhoun.
  2. Sal will continue meeting with the Iris maintenance team on the receiving checklist.

Next Meeting March 2, 10:30 @ Alex

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