Minutes of May 12, 2005 meeting

Ascuncion DeChavez (Chair), Michelle Best, Sal Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling, Natascha Owens, Neera Sondhi, Rebecca Martinez, Linda Zuckerman & Clotilde Twagiramariya(Recorder).
Sondra Bodner


  1. |x For Supplement Material.
  2. Receiving and Bindery Cheat sheet/New Bind Sheet.
  3. Pulling Bindable Unit with Missing Items for BIND-PREP Shelf.
  4. Journal with Accompanying Material Policy.
  5. Superceded Items- What’s the Flow?
  6. Round Robin.

1. Before discussing the items on the Agenda, the group reviewed some of the pending decisions from March 03, 2005 Meeting.

Pulling a Bindable Unit with Claimed Issues. After consultation and discussion, a consensus was met and a decision was made that from now on, receivers will pull a bindable unit with claimed issues when the first issue of a new bindable unit is received. The Bindable Unit with claimed items will be placed on the BIND-PREP shelf, together with other Bind-Prep with missing issues. Receivers are to follow all the required steps for Bind-Prep before the unit is put on the shelf. However, a special “color code” will be used to distinguish Bind-Prep issues with “missing” issues from “Bind-Prep with “claimed” issues.

2. |x For Supplement Material

An updated cheat sheet for the “Bind Folder Standards” was distributed to the receivers and contains new changes to the codes used for the sub-location field. The sub-location field code for all “Supplement Material” such as supplements, indexes and contents will be designated from now on by |x. Examples are included on the new cheat sheet for “Bind Folder Standards”.

3. Receiving and Bindery Cheat sheets/ New Bind Sheet.

In reference to Receiving and Bindery, another cheat sheet was distributed during the meeting. This new cheat sheet is in connection with the required information receivers are to pay attention to while printing the Extended Info. for bindery purposes in case for example of:

The cheat sheet is also a reminder for receivers to highlight any relevant information on the Extended Info that can ease the flow for Bindery people.

4. Journal with Accompanying Material Policy. The Policy and Procedures for accompanying material (like CD-ROM), are still being discussed; but usually the Receiving Coordinator asks the Selector for a decision in this type of situation.

5. Superceded Items – What’s the Flow? It was agreed to postpone this item on the Agenda for the next Receiving Meeting.

6. Round Robin. Going around the table, a few minutes was devoted to each receiver to share part of their regular tasks. This moment is always a great opportunity for the group to get knowledge of ongoing projects and the role played by receivers in other areas in the system.


  1. A decision was made that from now on; receivers are to pull a bindable unit with claimed issues, create a Bind-prep item in the system, and place the unit on the Bind-Prep shelf. A colored paper will be inserted in the bindable unit to distinguish it from Bind-Prep with missing issues.


  1. About the Flow for Superceded Items, Rebecca will discuss with a team from the Processing Group for a better procedure to be adopted for superceded items. (For example: KILMER material to be sent to CAMDEN or ALEXANDER material to be sent to DOUGLASS…)


  1. Superceded Items- What’s the Flow? To be discussed in the next receiving Meeting
  2. Journal with Accompanying Material Policy. No clear policy and procedures to be followed yet. Yuhwei is still waiting for policy to be defined before he can give some procedures to the receivers.

Next meeting: Thursday, July 07, 2005: @ LSM : 10:00 am

Next recorder: Linda Zuckerman
Back up recorder: Sal Cardinale

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